-Paradox of shopping here is surrounding oneself with superior communication links. -Exploit information imbalances in the end. -2 main. The Bazaar Economy: Information and Search in Peasant Marketing. Clifford Geertz. American Economic Review, , vol. 68, issue 2, Geertz, Clifford, “The Bazaar Economy: Information and Search in Peasant Marketing,” American Economic Review, American Economic Association, vol.

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While in the bazaar business expansion is limitedby the number of buyersabout whom the traderhas enough personalknowledge to be able to assesstheircreditworthiness and forwhom he has enough capitalto sell on credit,in a marketdominatedby cash paymentsa sellercan attracta potentiallyunlimitednumberof customers.

Branded and packaged goods thereforeallow the buyernot only to evaluate quality in relationto price,but also to be reasonablycertainthatquantityis held constant. It might well be correctthatthe two are not distinguished in Sefroufolkeconomics: Specifically, the description of transactions costs in a bilateral exchange.

This is a typical exampleofa take-over fromtheinside. The buyergets,forexample,two packetsof coffeepowder each weighing grammes,insteadof or grammesweighed and packaged by the seller.

In thestandardised commodity market, on theotherhand,personalloyalty is not ofthesamecrucialimportance to thebusiness organisationas in thebazaar. In a firm-type economy a reformistMuslim can survive economically without compromisinghis religious principlesthroughrecourseto corruptpractices.

Information Stiglhtz, in thelabourmarket. They thusprovideefficient channelsof communication betweenproducersand consumers, whichare independent of the chainof intermediary tradersand middlemen. But Geertzrelates theseorganisational changesto Muslimreformism, a non-conformist andindividualistic ethoswhich convertsthis-worldly profitinto other-worldly credit: Today everybody in townknowsthattheseemployees deceivedhimovera longperioduntilhe finally wasunabletorepaytheaccumulating debtsto hissuppliers, who thenrefused to supplyhimanyfurther.

But the principles that govern the organization of economic life. Most oftheirtransactions areconductednotthroughofficialchannels,buton an interpersonal and cash basiswithoutany documentation.

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In such economies most transactions involvegoods,which are branded,prepackaged,processed,sealed or otherwisehighly standardised and substitutable.

We have no references for this item. The presentanalysisof the bazaar economy,however,indicatesthe naivetyof the assumptionthatcommoditiessuch as wheat, potatoes or gdertz representnaturally homogeneous raw materials. More about this item Statistics Access and download statistics.

The moreoffers a trader can canvassandthemorepotential customers he canin turnattract to canvass hisoffers, thegreater is hiscompetitive advantage. Click here to sign up.

The Bazaar Economy: Information and Search in Peasant Marketing

Labouris neverperfectly standardised andsubstitutable Stiglitz;Rees ,butitsnon-substitutability is particularly significantin thebazaareconomy. Mines, and Drs C. These include paintingadvertisements on emptywalls near roadjunctions,the use of specialpaper and cottonbags printedwiththeirnames and logos or printedwrappingpaper,and the distribution of theirown wall calendars oftenwithreligiousmotivesdesignedseparatelyfortheirHindu, Muslimand Christian customers.

RePEc uses bibliographic data supplied by the respective publishers. Only undersuch conditionsdoes bargainingbecome an importantprice- makingmechanismin the bazaar. Their stock of goods providesa securityforloans because itsvalue is bazzar verifiable and much ofit is publiclydisplayedratherthanhiddenaway in secretgodowns.

By contrast, thelatter involveshighly standardised andthereforeeconomi- kindsofcommodities, callysubstitutable aboutwhichthebuyercancollectinformation priorto purchasethroughdirectcomparison, precedentor consultation withother buyers.

There, the equivalentoftheshoppingdistrict in theformerFrenchquartersin Sefrouis thatsetup heertz colonial government This resultsin the fragmentation of businessestypical ofthebazaar. In fact,therefore, price competitionis minimisedin the bazaar.

Most of theirbusinessis conductedthroughone of the local banks at which theymaintainaccounts with overdraftfacilities. The reasonwhy the role distinctionbetween buyerand selleris not partof the economic discourseof the bazaar seems to lie in the empiricallyhigh incidence of the combinationof the roles of buyer and seller in the same person, namelythemiddleman.

For technical questions regarding this item, or to correct its authors, title, abstract, bibliographic or download information, contact: In thecase of markets in non-standardised goods,theabsenceofa reliablemeansofqualitative and quantitative verificationleadstoa generallossofconfidence, bringing abouta situation inwhicheveryone accuseseveryone elseofchicanery.


This providesincentivesforboth sellersand buyersto establishenduring creditrelationships. Consequently thereisno channeloffeedback betweenproducer and consumer decisionsindependent ofthechainofintermediary traders.

The government rationshops are thereforethe exceptionthatproves the rule.

The Bazaar Economy by Matt Lithgow on Prezi

General contact details of provider: Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Whereaswholesalemarkets are dominatedby competing producers and theirdistributing agents,theretailmarketconsists ofbusinesses com- petingagainsteach otherby loweringprofitmarginsand seekingto maximisethe numberofcustomers, rather thangivingcreditto a limitednumberofbuyersathigh profitmargins as is thecaseamongbazaartraders.

In Meaning andorder inMoroccan society eds C. Apartfromincreasing it is also important thephysicalattractiveness, to makeit knownbeyonditsimmediate vicinityinordertoincrease itsmaximum demandrange: As the access to this document is restricted, you may want to search for a different version of it. Businessorganisation The respectiveeconomic propertiesof non-standardisedand of substitutablecom- moditiesentaildifferent typesof organisationalproblemsforthe businessestradingin them.

Please note that corrections may take a couple of weeks to filter through the various RePEc services.

These usuallylook equally dingy,neverhave a name and therefore also neveradvertise,theirownersarerenowned fortheirsecretiveness, suspiciousnessand lack of friendliness. They bbazaar equally be found in developed industrialisedeconomies. Obtainingproducers’catalogues, inviting itinerantcommission agents, and establishing contactswithregionaldistributing agentsare amongthe various methods usedto monitor market developments andcanvassthemaximum numberof priceoffers.

Thereareveryfewallegations of dishonesty againstsellersof substitutable commodities. Commodities are passed through a longchainof middlemen, who bulkand breakbulkat different levelsof themarketing system so thattheprovenance ofa productbecomesunidentifiable and itsqualities uncertain.