George Burdeau is a member of the Blackfeet Nation and has been a prime time In , George was the first Native American director accepted into the. George Burdeau is a veteran director and producer, as well as a founding member of Vision Maker Media. He has won both Emmy and Peabody awards for his. George Burdeau doesn’t just make films; he makes films with a purpose. For over 40 years Burdeau has been creating films that portray Native American life.

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Managing Money While I Travel.

Georges Burdeau – Wikipedia

In all my random surveying; in all my world walking and talking…. Open Letter To Snorers: Loose, Fast, Sloppy Thinking. Next Trip, Coming Up! I certainly hope that helped.

Georges Burdeau

When In Doubt, Go to Peru. Or Is She Fighting Back? Who Are The Energy Burdfau But so it seemed! Did you know, also, that every organ of the body can be found, replicated in the land formations of North America? Checking In From Cuenca, Ecuador. What illegal product, affecting what organ, is Colombia famous for?

  G170EG01 V1 PDF

Near The Arctic Circle…. And nothing comes up in a Google search. And On To Medellin, Colombia.

Casa de Filipe in Taganga, Colombia. O Ye of Little Finance! Coming Back To Earth. Puerto Lopez, Ecuador — Whale of a Day. He was my first gobsmacked student for whom I soon became the Rorschach Interpreter. A New Book Is Aborning.

You can check any topographical map of the Patagonian east coast, from Golfo San Jorge down to the Straits of Magellan in Tierra del Fuego, and compare that with a Chiropractic profile of the spine, to become convinced of the similarity yourself! My Conversation With A Lynx. Ahhh, The Lizard Is Stirring…. I Have Achieved My Destination!

George Burdeau – IMDb

Sleeping Dogs Are Lying! Especially, the other spinal column that he speaks of, hidden in the Rocky Mountains. I Am The Child of Cimba.

Confessions of a Junkie. A Stalker Named Hurricane Evan.

Andean mountain chainbackbone of the planetGeorge Burdeauvertebrae of the world. The Pajaro Has Landed. The C-1 nerve, gelrge the human brain, is located at the top of the neck. I Love Tallin, Estonia! Never, that is, until a big, handsome movie and television Producer, George Burdeau, of the Blackfeet Nation, Montana, and Santa Fe, New Mexico, sat at dinner recently, and calmly said: My 78th Birthday is Here At Last!!!


Before I left home, I decided to see what I could do with this amazing similarity of South America to the human spinal column as I I traveled between Colombia and Patagonia.