General. Although this weapon was originally designed for use by parachute troops, it can now be found in general use in all combat units of the German Army . Find great deals for Mp40 Mp Mp38 9mm German Submachine Gun Manual Handbook. Shop with confidence on eBay!. German MP40 Machinegun Military Shooting Tech Manual – FTF Industries is a one stop shop for hard to find tactical supplies, one of a kind gun parts, knives.

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Please reference “Rifle Training” on your order. This dated picture book was originally the companion manual for the glass slide series for the education of the German soldiers in camouflage, but was also available for use by itself for troop education. Each term is numbered in the text. Please reference “Flare Pistol” on your order.

Like it says in the title, this manual is 48 pages of lessons for the instructors and recruits for basic infantry instruction of how to properly run combat training germqn the battalion level, with smaller sized units below that included.

This manual provides a thorough description and limited instructions for use of the above equipment. I have also included a table of 33 German to English translated terms used in the manual not in the original.

BOK224 MP40 Machine Pistol Manual

This manual has the details about the operation and care of the German field telephone that’s in the brown bakelite case with the crank on the side. Please reference “Combat Intruction” on your order. The whole manuap was printed in Fraktur font, which besides being in German, isn’t that easy to figure out what the letters are anyway.

  IEC 60268 5 PDF

Please reference “Cookbook Data Sheet” on your order. Kriegsgefangene – Prisoners of War. The Reibert manual below is not just an extended version of this manual, but there is some duplication. This booklet starts with details about how the Alliance France, Belgium, and England in WWI turned the German prisoners of war into a propaganda tool, took advantage of them and the German government, and used their own Mamual in Mqnual camps as instruments for sowing dissention in the German fatherland.

This manual shows how to salute, when it’s proper to give the “German salute” recognized in the old movies by the right arm being stuck in the air at an angle and “Heil! Please reference “Squad Training” on your order. From Jim Dickson, a gun magazine writer who has had reviews published of several of these translated manuals and books: Reformatted to 24 pages for easier printing, but containing all the original text and the numerous graphics.

German Reenacting Manuals

See the table of contents pages to see everything in this manual. Please reference “Soldier Guide” on your order. Please reference “Security Dogs” on your order. Shooting theory, recruit shooting, officer shooting, competition shooting, scenarios for training with the rifle, M. To see how to place an order, click on the ” Orders ” link. The perfect companion manual for H. Foreign orders are welcome – contact me for a quote for the extra postage cost.

A very unique manual for non-shooting, hand to hand methods of fighting. Click this link for a movie of Rock Chucks being blasted.

Click this link for a movie of a. It even explains the magnetic deviation points on the German march compass you knew about those, right? There is an emphasis placed on uniforms, shouldboards, and insignia, and recognition of it, as well as medals, such as where on the uniform and when they’re worn.


There is so much information in this manual that you’ll need to look at the Contents pages I have linked below. One of the 12 appendices explains radio secrecy, what must be encoded, and what can be disguised in radio, phone, and telegraph traffic.

This manual contains all the text and graphics of the original manhal. This gives a new insight into how the German officers were taught the discipline skills manial which they were so well known and respected. This manual provides the basics for getting a pair of phones talking. This shows how to use the march compass, of course, but is more technical in its use for terrain and map use, as it explains the differences between magnetic north, geographic north, and deviations as shown on military maps.

Mp40 Mp Mp38 9mm German Submachine Gun Manual Handbook | eBay

The reprint of the original German language edition is available from sellers such as Amazon. Please reference “Rifle Grenade” on your order. Proper use of the sally, cover, hack, strike, and counter strike are all explained in detail. Please reference “6th Army Cookbook” on your germa.

This manual is much more interesting than it sounds.