Olivier Roy argues that Islamic revival, or ‘re-Islamisation’, results from the efforts of westernised Muslims to assert their identity in a non-Muslim context. Olivier Roy discussed his latest book, Globalized Islam, in which he argues that Islamic revival has resulted from the Muslim diaspora┬┤s efforts. Olivier Roy’s Globalized Islam. Much of the current turmoil in the Muslim world and the tensions between. West and East can be traced back to.

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They should avoid any sort of religious engineering, but play on the diversity of Islamic religious revivalism by making room for Islam and treating it on an equal globqlized with other religions. The revival of Islam among Muslim populations in the last twenty years is often wrongly perceived as a backlash against westernization rather than as one of its consequences.

Al Qaeda, on the globaized hand, is a supra-national movement whose first target is the USA, not the local Muslim regimes. Working from this premise, Olivier Roy’s career as one of the west’s most knowledgeable scholars of “Islam in practice” has been devoted to combating its demonisation.

The book is much more than an analysis of the meaning of political globalized Islam but also an in-depth exploration of the intersections among identity, culture, religion and ethnicity in the age of globalization. While well-written and interesting to read, I didn’t agree with many of his arguments or premises olivuer at times it felt a bit too simplistic.

Globalized Islam: The Search for a New Ummah

Of course another irony is that by emphasizing the gap between culture and religion neo fundamentalists actually help secularize societies where the attempt to preserve that gap are actually successful. The Search for a New UmmahLondon: Roy wrote widely on the subject of iislam civil unrest in France saying they should not be seen as religiously inspired as some commentators said.

Good academic description of globalization of religious radical groups. The author of several highly acclaimed books, four of which are published by Hurst, he is Professor at the European University Institute in Florence. In either case they form part of an uprooted and cosmopolitan Muslim intelligentsia whose common language may be English rather than Arabic which cannot be defined as a diaspora globalizex it is increasingly remote from a country of origin – “an Iraqi Kurd in exile can decide whether he is first an Iraqi, a Kurd, or a Muslim”.

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For the most part, the book kept to its titular promise that is to be global. And the good news, as Roy sees it, is that secularisation is the majority trend.

Globalised Islam

Feb 15, Phil rated it it was amazing. Thus, a religious purist may want to keep religion out of politics and actually be an agent of secularization. Other themes that are developed are a deterritorialized Ummah, and how practice and outward signs of faith are superseding theology in present day discourse. Paperbackpages.

There is no hierarchy of knowledge. A key take away I took from globalizec book is that secularism and religion are not necessarily at odds ilsam one another.

The onward march of westernisation affects their societies, too, and even when there has been a backlash against the trend, the usual aim is not to return globalixed some golden pre-modern age. His analysis is bottom-up, featuring a host of websites of various “neofundamentalists” along with more established texts. In that sense Roy is somewhat similar to Satanovsky http: Once you realise that religion and culture have been decoupled, then the “clash of civilisations” debate loses all relevance.

We may deplore the relative absence of liberal reformist thinkers in Islam, but that is also a problem with global Protestantism. Still, lots to chew over. Unfortunately, the book suffers from a lack of organization and logical exposition that makes his central themes difficult to track and conceptualize clearly.

I consent for my email address to be transferred to Mailchimp. Secular France treats Muslim as a religion, while historically religious Britain which has an official state church treats Toy as ethnicity. In practice politics olicier religion, not oliiver other way around. Not a quick or easy read, but Olivier Roy’s analysis is thorough and sound. Not only are the conducts, movements, and discourses of Muslims discussed in both Muslim majority and minority contexts, the different modalities of action of such groups, from the quietists to the militants, were charted on the same fabric in a manner that evades the popular, yet sometimes too essentialising ‘conveyor belt’ theory.


Thus contemporary Islamic fundamentalism is goy a simple reaction against westernisation but a product and an agent of the complex forces of globalisation. This means that trends are likely g,obalized move more and more toward an Islamization of individuals within the context of a global, de-territorialized ummah.

Do you think that a globalized Islam will actually also favour the rise of an American Islam, of a European Islam, and so on? Lists with This Book.

Review: Globalised Islam by Olivier Roy | Books | The Guardian

A revised and updated version of this work has now been published in English. This difficulty is only further exacerbated by the current age of globalization.

Roy stresses that religion is becoming more and more individual. Higher education Society books Politics books reviews. Hence globallzed success of Salafism among second-generation Muslims in iwlam West, because it gives some value to their sense of deculturation and uprootedness by refusing to identify Islam with the pristine cultures of their parents; it thus allows them to be Western, even through denial.

IP addresses to improve user experience. Haley rated it really liked it Aug 30, It’s a must read for any Muslim living in the West looking for answers to justify the current Islamic trends. If you continue on this website you will be providing your consent to our use of this information. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Much like Reza Aslan, Roy places radicals in context.

The book is extremely relevant today with the ongoing Western military involvement in Muslim counties’ happenings and the mass migration of isoam from Muslim countries to Western Europe.