View and Download DIGITECH GNX owner’s manual online. Guitar Workstation. GNX Music Pedal pdf manual download. On the whole, ithe GNX interface is very easy to use There’s no support for MP3 playback and the drum machine is less sophisticated. 7 user reviews on DigiTech GNX I’ve had with a manual in French, so easy to understand, but nil takes time to capture everything he can do. SOUND.

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This is useful for making a backup copy of all your customized settings. DigiTech has been steadily updating the Kanual range with an ever-bewildering range of new features.


June17, European Contact: The sound that you hear while adjusting these parameters will depend on the channel status see chart below. What are the effects or types of effects available? Therefore, when you begin to play, the flanger may be at the mamual, bottom, or any random point of the sweep.

Number Are they edited? Rotate Knob 1 4. We recommend that you only use the USB cable that is shipped with the GNX since it has been tested and approved for this specific use.

The range is from 0 to Full patch on the internet not too much tread ect How about a total of 57 effects, 11 of which can be used within a single patch? Press either the Chan One EQ or 2.

Digitech GNX – Ultimate Guitar

Its an amp modeling breakthrough that must be heard to be believed. Everything should be included and in perfect working condition.


The pickup modelling feature is retained make your humbuckers sound like single-coils and vice versa as are the Learn-a-Lick and Jam-along tools. Ranges from all mod levl tnx3000 to all wet. To this I added a wah-wah Morley Bad Horsie 2. It makes your guitar appear to speak based upon the dynamics of your playing style. The power supply, 15V phantom, so a bit tight for some microphones.

With experience, you do again this choice?

DIGITECH GNX3000 Owner’s Manual

No Editing sounds and effects is it easy? There is a community accessible through the Digitech site that makes available hundreds of presets, which provides a working basis inexhaustible. The bass models sound better, and while fairly rudimentary in range, offer useable sounds for home recording purposes.

Yes, but not good distos. Page MHz processor speed 1. Page of Go. I get very easy sound of Vai with everything, I love her, but I would still keep gnx3000 unique Personal Manial A Preset Modes. Drums, Dry Mic, and Dry Line are not recorded. Performance Setup The built-in Talker effect creates a talk box effect. Range is from 0 to One thing trs important that I forgot to mention: It’s really designed to do everything and do it well.

Ranges from 0 to All effects gn3000 editable via pc-mac. Global functions affect the GNX in its entirety rather than on a per preset basis. DigiTech has never had any problems in the stereo effects department, and there’s a great range of reverbs, delays and modulations here. Even for the live, plugged into an amp rather than a guitar or bass sound, the result can be excellent.


With a regular Flanger, the low frequency oscillator LFO is continually sweeping up and down. To access the tone controls for Channel 2, do mznual following: But when it was chosen for what it is, it is happiness.

The display briefly flashes tuner. Creating A Preset The first step to create a custom preset of your own is to select a starting point. Footswitches Highlights of the GNX Manial Footswitches Depending on the mode, these five footswitches select presets, change amp channels, turn individual effects on and off, control drum machine operations, and give you Hands-Free recording operation when recording on your computer.

Just insert the disc and follow the on-screen prompts. There’s plenty of storage, enough for a total of factory and user patches.

To increase or decrease the level of audio going up to the computer, follow these steps. When finished press the EXIT button. Those who think that GNX is not able to release a proper distortion on a guitar there have obviously not done a tour My GNX is only used at home, and to register.

Not satisfied with those reviews? It was like looking at one frame of film from a two-hour movie: The warranty registration card must be mailed within ten days after purchase date to validate this warranty.