Gore Vidal (–) was born Eugene Luther Vidal, later adopting the surname of his grandfather, Senator Thomas Gore, as his first name. Well known as a. MESSIAH: A Novel. [Gore. Vidal] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Messiah [Gore Vidal, Elizabeth A. Lynn] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Vidal had no fear of taking on any issue within a novel. Propaganda is the name of messlah game. By utilizing the new medium at the time — this was released in of television, John Cave begins preaching to the masses, attracting the scorn and ire of various religious figures and the government.

Lists with This Book. This page was last edited on 24 Julyat Vidal was definitely a great writerand I think now I might get his memoir Palimpsest. For this fault my expiation has been long and my once exuberant pride is now only an ashen phoenix consumed by flames but not quite tumbled into dust, nor re-created in the millenial egg, only a gray shadow in the heart which the touch of a finger of windy fear will turn to dust and air.

That’s my final word. But really, the best thing about this book is the realization that comes to Luther as he comes to understand vidsl real role vis-a-vis John Cave; sadly it’s at the end so I can’t really spill it.

Messiah by Gore Vidal

Himmler is evident became the First Apostle of the ‘Cavite’ Church and press agent of the new American prophet, so vidall money starts to flow and the right connections are made?

Can I understand it now? To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. A bleak but ultimately hopeful cautionary tale, suitably well-written and engaging, if perhaps not quite as expansive in messkah scope as the title suggests. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: It grows all over the world and even overtakes the big three religions in its followers and adherents.

The tale of Cave, the modern messiah, his dark mesmerism, the foundation of a world-changing religion, would all tend to make a grand motion picture. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Vidal was not the first to make glre of the points he wants to make about society and religion, and he definitely wasn’t the last. He was a lifelong isolationist Democrat. Really, really understand it? View all 6 comments.


He can make you very interesting reading his novels, You will never leave it before the last page, Messizh a well written thriller in an easy and beautiful english, The suspense in Luxor events are very interesting, The characters specially – Clarissa – remarkable and someway original, But what the hell it’s really vdial, You have to be a naive to accept that a man only got a powerful eyes and hypnotise possiblities could change the world with some The second novel i read by Gore Vidal after Kalki.

The Messiah

In addition to this, he characterised the United States as a decaying empire from the s onwards. In this book, a new religion is born, and a simple message offered by a charismati as always, you can gkre more about plot, etc.

I’m placing this book on my “to-read-again” shelf. From his long-time hiding-place in provincial Egypt, Eugene Luther tells the story of John Cave, a former Californian undertaker, his rise to power and the subsequent global impact of his new religion. Both briliant and disturbing, the first-pers Eugene Luther looks back on fifty years of Cavesword and Cavesway, a religion founded as a bizarre death-over-life philosophy by John Cave and deftly sold to a worldwide audience by a savvy and corrupt publicist.

TV and other mass media are the means used by the cavites to promote their religion. Cover of the first edition.

You are commenting using your WordPress. His Empire chronicles with Burr and Lincoln et cetera most definitely are good informative books I am about three quarters through Burr but they aren’t exactly “riveting” or “fun” but rather educational. Don’t let others speak for you.

This, at least, is how I read the text when I was sixteen.

There’s an oddly appealing drawing-room comedy vidwl to much of the discussion, as the protagonist is a well-born, well-educated, well-off man who makes good company at luncheon parties. Much about the rise and integration of Cavesword into the American social fabric is, unfortunately, glossed over, as Vidal seems more interested in the bigger questions at play regarding themes related to cultism, the discourse of information using new media, mob mentality, and the dangers of idolatry and mezsiah.

This new, dumbed-down world of ours is in sore need of another you. I remain unconvinced—by the premise, by the story. His penetrating gaze normally veiled, hooded, or sheathedwhen turned on individuals or crowds, penetrates through all messoah considerations, questions and doubts. He’s this kind of guy who intrigues others.


The Messiah by Gore Vidal | : Books

What if a man called John Cave a mortician, of all people came out of the blue and started to preach to larger and larger groups of followers in Los Angeles, of all places that death is not to be feared becau I just can’t help loving this book. The Catered Affair I Accuse! Interestingly, as the novel was being written, a new American religion was birthing under the midwifery of L. Jun 08, Adrianna rated it it was amazing.

No trivia or quizzes yet. Eugene Luther looks back on fifty years of Cavesword and Cavesway, a religion founded as a bizarre death-over-life philosophy by John Cave and deftly sold to a worldwide audience by a savvy and corrupt publicist.

Bush now paints terrier portraits while Khalid Sheik Mohammed designs vacuum cleaners in a detention torture center.

Gore Vidal and the UFOs

Feb 24, Josip Serdarevic rated it liked it. Preview — Messiah by Gore Vidal. Messiau throughout the book calmy describes how a charismatic man’s psychosis developes into a multi-cultural religion and how easy it is to manipulate the faithful into giving up their money and then their lives for the cause.

Books viadl Gore Vidal. Vidal’s oeuvre is a weird mix of historical novels, biographies and campy fantastical stories with Messias being a prominent representative of the latter. Jun 11, Greg rated it liked it Shelves: Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide.

I see a lot of myself in Vidal in that I think he was someone who – as much as he admired and adored the artsand was even able to make good art himself – was also someone whoalmost accidentally, wound up almost hopelessly trapped trying to desperately address the issues of his day which, in my opinion, I think he saw as being issues that were actually threatening the art we all so love.