Krasucki F. (red.): Laboratorium z urządzeń elektrycznych w górnictwie. Skrypt Politechniki Śląskiej nr Secondary sources: 1. Grzbiela Cz., Machowski . Warszawa Secondary sources: 1. Grzbiela Cz., Machowski A.: Maszyny , urządzenia elektryczne i automatyka w przemyśle. Wydawn. „Śląsk” 2. Bogdan Krynicki, Miros?aw W?do?owski, Alfons Erdman, Jan Grzbiela, J zef Krzysztof?ega?ski, Jerzy Matusiak, Andrzej Machowski, Jerzy Barzowski.

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Technic of autovenous plastic repair of injured peripheral major arteries. Technic of electronic measurements of the stress in abutments and fixed prostheses.

Technic of implanting electrodes into various brain structures in sheep. Technic for emergency surgery of incarcerated inguinal hernia. Technical aspects of pharmacological aerosols.

Full text of “Directory of Polish officials.”

Technical grabiela organizational considerations in a Tumor Center equipped with high energy in the province of Potenza. Experience acquired in operations. Find on this page: Technic of Welti and Mafhowski in the treatment of postoperative eventration of minor and medium dimension apropos of 72 cases. Technic of anesthesia in ankylosis of the temporomandibular joints.

Technic of calculating air exchange in photariums and physiotherapy rooms. Technic of specific determination of plasma proteins by radial immunodiffusion applied to mass screening.


Technic of ultrasonic dopplerography in the diagnosis of occlusive lesions of the arteries of the base of the brain doppleroangiographic study. Technical advances in corneal microsurgery. Technic used in thoracic duct surgery: Technic of lumbosacral “console-arthrodesis” in the treatment of class 3 spondylolisthesis. Technic of the thromboplastin formation test. Technic of exeresis of the ear lobe because grxbiela malignant neoplasms.

Technic of choledochus implantation into the duodenum and grzgiela intra-abdominal extraperitonealization of the colonic resection-anastomosis. Technic of demonstration of acetylcholinesterase activity in the inner ear. Technical characteristics of selective proximal vagotomy. Technical and medical measures to control occupational diseases using silicosis as an example.

Technic of installing a distractor in the treatmentof scoliosis. Technic of collecting pure pancreatic juice and its enzymatic analysis. First Secretary Secretary Secretary- Secretary e. Technic of combined intervention on the extrahepatic and pancreatic ducts in gastric resection. Technical aspects of microsurgical salpingostomies. Technic of minor transvaginal surgery.

Technical and clinical analysis of diamond instruments used in prosthodontics and in conservative treatment with special reference to the new silent turbo drills. Technic of open fetal surgery.

Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 44522

Technical considerations in the design of a clinical system for external left ventricular assist. Technic, risks, early and late results following catheter grzbuela of coronary vessel stenoses. Technic for the realization and analysis of threedimensional radiocephalometric records. Technical considerations in aortography for the investigation of lower limb ischaemia–results from a postal survey. Technic of percutaneous nephropyelostomy with a single-tube system. Technical alternatives for classical external cardiac massage.


Technic of penalization during the pre-orthoptic period of convergent strabismus. Technical aspects of respiratory function: Technic of compression arthrodesis on the finger using a traction screw. Technic of germectomies of the wisdom teeth. Technic of percutaneous orbital phlebography by the frontal vein.

Technical and methodical hints on the obtaining of mucous membrane biopsies in the diagnosis of aganglionosis. Methods of decalcification and conservation of enzymatic activity. Technical aspects of segmental pancreatic autotransplantation in dogs.

Grzbiela, Czesław (1938- ).

Technic of determining cardiac output by the thermodilution method means of making corrections for changes in body temperature. Technic of determination of serum creatine phosphokinase levels: Technic for long-term plasmapheresis in non-anesthetized rats. Technic of canulation of rat thoracic lymph duct. Technic of surgical lengthening of congenital shortness of the leg in children. Technic of triple pelvic osteotomy in hip joint yrzbiela.