Inside Al Qaeda examines the leadership, ideology,structure, strategies, and tactics of the Inside Al Qaeda: Global Network of Terror. ROHAN GUNARATNA. Rohan Gunaratna: Inside Al Qaeda. Global “Inside Al Qaeda” as the undoubtedly best popular book on Al Qaida, which I have read so far. Professor Rohan Gunaratna, the author of Inside Al Qaeda: Global Network of Terror, presented on the “Enduring Terrorist Threat:” at GE Insurance organized.

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It contains details about regional operations, personalities involved, finances, and the whole nine yards. Quite the contrary, he mostly avoids creating linkages to this issue, except of a couple of remarks connected with weapons trade, which are justified. Lists with This Book. People gunarwtna even complained of inaccuracies but im not aware as such.

Even those “non-Western” authors, who have been successful in selling their books in the West, have adopted an approach that is even more Western than that of the Westerners themselves. In fact, the Islamist parties were used to undermine the reviving nationalist movements separatistswhile they were at the same time used to construct the foundation of pro-Moscow Islamic movement aligned with the pro-Moscow Islamic states such as Syria, Iraq and Iran.

From the beginning, the IRP Islamists were set against the national independence movements, and they had solid links with the Soviet and later Russian secret services. But the nature of the typos in this edition was really bad. Akshaya Handa rated it it was amazing Dec 21, And of course they fiercely defend Israel’s struggle for survival, forgetting that the Zionists, too, originally employed terror just like their later Arab counterparts in Palestine.

The second category is even less comprehensive to anyone with some grass-root knowledge of countries outside of the postmodern West, and with even a stronger political bias than the first category, though this time either leftist or far-rightist. They like to pay attention on simplistic interpretations of the conceptions like jihad, kafirs and dhimms, recall the Assassins, and remind us of the Arab, Moor and Turkish “hordes” and conquests of “Christian lands”.

The radicalization of Basayev and his allies started only when the Russians assassinated the secular Chechen leader Dudayev with a missile in Mary Riekert rated it liked it Jan 27, There was no writing in this book. And when he does try to push unreasonable conclusions, they don’t flow from his facts and don’t have any supporting citations despite the fact that the book has so many citations it reads like an academic paper.


Based on over five years of research, Inside Al Qaeda provides the definitive story behind the rise of this small, mysterious group to the notorious organization making headlines today. Global Network of Terror” years ago, but some information has since remained with me. It is easy to identify Gunaratna’s worst choice of revealed source, since it seems to me that at least half of the errors and pieces of disinformation in Gunaratna’s book are taken out of a single source, a publication named “The Jihad Fixation”, for which Gunaratna also does not give an author, publisher or any of the information needed to identify the source.

So do not let the above criticism against one bad chapter in an otherwise excellent book spoil your willingness to read this book, which The Eurasian Politician can warmly recommend. I have yet never read a book written by a Russian analyst without attempts to demonize Chechens; by an Indian analyst without attempts to demonize the Kashmiri separatists or Pakistan; and very seldom by a Pakistani analyst without attempts to demonize Indian secret services.

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Inside Al Qaeda: Global Network of Terror

Yet according to the anti-American genre, Turkey is guilty to the genocide of Armenians and Kurds how many have actually been massacred? Sri Lanka has for long suffered from very cruel terrorism by the Tamil Tigers, but Gunaratna does not fall to the trap of exploiting the “war on terrorism” to spread propaganda against the Tamils.

THis was good, but not as good as Burke. While the conflict of the Prigorodniye region between North Ossetians and Ingush took place before the Chechen War, the Moscow bombs took place only in September Paperbackpages. Global Network of Terror. Good riddance to you, ya shitty ass book! Generally this genre insists on the West giving aid to any poor country, but obviously this should not be done against the interests of the Soviet Union or Russia.

This was more from an academic side with many interviews. Gunaratna claims Shamil Basayev to have been “Afghan-trained” and having “a close relationship with Osama”.

This author is a crack.

Book Review: “Inside Al Qaeda” by Rohan Gunaratna

I was also royally pissed off by what appears to have been a complete lack of editing in this book. Didnt read the whole thing. Felix Marwick rated it really liked it Mar insice, Apr 03, Ash rated it liked it. Finally, the bomb blasts in Moscow, Volgodonsk and Buinaksk in autumnas far as any evidence is concerned, had nothing to do with Chechens, although they were used to justify the launch of a devastating second invasion to Chechnya against the secular government, not against the Islamists, who were provided safe return from Dagestan to the Serzhen-Yurt district.


This is not one of those books. From the negative feedback I have seen, I gunagatna most people were anticipating it to be a reference style of book that tells all in one volume. Good one at the time, just not as relevant anymore. Not a single one. An American researcher, Professor Brian Glyn Williams, even made field research for months in Northern Afghanistan, trying to find either a Chechen or at least one witness who would have seen or met a Chechen fighting on the Taliban or Al Qaeda side.

The most serious flaw is his obvious lack of insight in regard to certain regions, most of all to the Caucasus, and to lesser extent to the examples of Central Asia and the Balkans. Dec 31, Rob rated it it was ok Shelves: There are no discussion topics on this book yet. May 20, Ryan rated it liked gnuaratna.

The first is constituted by alarmist accounts with strong religious and rightist political bias, which typically repeat Islamophobic narratives, try to paint a picture of a “clash of civilizations”, and attempt to explain the threat of terrorism by interpreting terrorism and violence as something inherent in Islam, or at least in the bunaratna of the regions that happen to coincide with the range of Islam.

Open Preview See a Problem?

Inside Al Qaeda: global network of terror – Rohan Gunaratna – Google Books

Return to Book Page. They harshly exploit their mighty position in the leftist-dominated media of Western Europe and American East Coast, and greatly contribute to the equally anti-American political discourse in the Islamic countries, where the “critical” views of European and American leftist media are faithfully reprinted with short delay.

Agatha Glowacki rated it liked it Feb 09, Walt rated it really liked it Mar 28, Some of his insights seem speculative, but that doesn’t make them wrong.

Although it is slightly dated, it still presents a relatively clear picture of AQ. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.