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and set down in the guidelines GUV-I These describe the class that floor- covering materials to be applied in barefoot applications. (public swimming pools . Information. Thermal hazards from electric fault arc. Guide to the selection of personal protective equipment for electrical work. October BGI/GUV-I E. Non-slip in compliance with GUV-I. Assessment group B. Non-slip in compliance with GUV-I. Assessment group B. Non-slip in compliance with GUV-I.

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Hinged seat R more. If mirrors cannot be extended down to the upper edge of the washbasin, they should be tilted forward. Washbasin Area Comfort and Safety.


Planners and building contractors gguv-i find the most important design and execution regulations there. Confirm that you agree to the use of the cookies by continuing to navigate through our website.

Drainage can take place through a side shower channel, a standard central drain or a wall drain which is produced through a prewall installation. Mounted on a vertical rod, adjustable between to mm Distance mm to the back wall. Length mm, buv-i from the WC centre line Centre line mm above floor level.

In combination with a floor heating, a cosy living ambience and a pleasant room climate can be generated. Automatic hand dryer, gu-vi dispenser, alarm reset button, paper towel dispenser, toilet paper dispenser guv-j height – mm, suitable for single-hand use.


A disadvantage of these is that, due to the required incline, visually unfavourable joint patterns often result. This special form of shower is generally realised via prefabricated elements. Length mm, distance mm from the gyv-i wall Height mm above floor. In particular in the area of the sanitary systems, the recommended minimum distances and movement areas should be integrated into the planning from the start.

Floor coverings in public showers must be anti-slip and must accord at least with assessment group B acc. These consist of a hard foam panel with integrated incline.

Seat height mm, centre of seat to wall mm Projection mm, backrest at m distance from the back wall. Toilet Area Assistance for Movement Sequences. Hinged seat more. Further specifications can be found in the DIN Where possible, single lever mixer tap or non-contact Non-contact taps only guv-l conjunction with temperature limitation, with water temperature at the outlet max. The coverings must be permanently laid and permit the use of walking aids and wheelchairs, allowing them to be pushed on the coverings.

In the bathroom, the prewall installation can be designed 88527 a reinforcement. A shower base level with the floor makes later conversions unnecessary. Operated from the shower seat, should enclose the seat and rails Dimension – mm. A shallow washbasin can be used both from a standing as well as a seated position.


Lieferprogramm Wohnkeramik

Due to their good properties and easy care, tiles and panels made of ceramic materials are also popular for barrier-free construction work. A large selection of materials and guv-u enables solutions that are exactly in line with the users’ requirements.

No compromises have to be made regarding aesthetics or style. A permanently installed shower seat or a flexibly usable shower stool not only provides a comfortable and convenient seat, but also increases safety during showering.

Should be suitable for single hand use Should be readily accessible from a wheelchair, seated on the WC or for a standing person. Barrier-free is a term used to mean the accessibility of all living areas for anyone. However, please take particular care to ensure their anti-slip properties. Waste guuv-i can be used with one hand, tight-closing and self-closing Emergency call system To be attached near the toilet Can be reached from sitting position on the toilet and gguv-i lying on the floor Designed with visual contrast, can be registered and located tactilely.

Der Hochwasser-Ratgeber im Web: This is often the case anyway for coverings with an anti-slip, microrough surface. Matt edition bicolor gyv-i Range Range System System Quite the contrary — tiles themselves are tasteful and individual room fittings.