certification called SCJA, which is short for “Sun Certified Java Associate for Java SE5/SE6”, -Hanumant Deshmukh and the rest of Enthuware Team. P.S.1 If. I have recently been taking several practice exams (by Hanumant Deshmukh). well i had made an android application for OCJP / SCJP which contain more. I have recently been taking several practice exams (by Hanumant Deshmukh).. well i had made an android application for OCJP / SCJP which.

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At least in terms of quality of the content. So basically you will know how many answer are expected for thet question. Can any one tell me when will that book be available so that i can plan accordingly.


Answered Jul 1, I would like to thank Mala Gupta for the wonderfully written book and very well explained.

Still work in progress Abhay I do hanumant deshmukh scjp know whether book by Mala Gupta is available in India. Still a beginner hanumant deshmukh scjp crafting quality coding but have the zeal deshmukb learn more. Hi Mala, I have sent you a private message in your inbox,could you please reply back. Answered Aug 31, Also, if we missed any currently available materials, say so on this thread! Where can I find some good 1Z practice exam questions?


Jignesh Malavia with Jacquelyn Carter. I have recently been taking several practice exams by Hanumant Deshmukh. You could buy good mock software like whizlabs or enthuware to practice the real questions.

It is there hanumant deshmukh scjp Java 6 and Java 7 course. What are some common Java associate certification exam questions? One thing I am sure that all new Scjjp deshmukh scjp 7 features String based sjp case etc shall not be in Kathy Sierra book.

Your help would be appreciated. Bert has some serious competition. Sorry for posting this message here. Does the actual Oracle Exam have questions with multiple correct answers?

Typically it would ask you to choose N correct answers or “choose all that apply”. I have recently been taking several practice exams by Hanumant Deshmukh. Which is a must book to go ahead,any suggestions?

Could you confirm as to when it hanumant deshmukh scjp be available in indian stores. Yes, Java 7 OCA 1z exams will be having questions with multiple correct answers. On the good side: I am going to start preparing for OCP 7. More info can be found in this thread.


SCJP | OCJP Question Bank

The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future. Anil Kumar V wrote: I wish you Good Luck with your book! OCJA, or any other Oracle exam for that matter, does have questions mith scnp correct answers. I was so excited to see an update to this thread but for naught.

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I am pleased to share that my book was released on 2 April and is available on Amazon. Hello Abhay, Thanks for your reply. Thanks a very helpful post.

But the question will ask you to choose n correct answer. And yes, if you fail to choose all the correct answers you will get penalized.


What topic for SE7 are not covered in hanumant deshmukh scjp book. My Blog on Learning Analytics. How do I write an application in Java that has questions with multiple answers and evaluates the test? Deepa, Thanks for the info on books.

Where can I find some 1Z practice exam questions?