LAHORE: Governor Punjab Malik Rafique Rajwana on Monday signed the Women protection Bill. The bill approved by the Punjab assembly. Punjab Assembly Ka Tahafuz-e-Khawateen Bill – by Prof. Riffat Mazhar – 28th February Posted By: Prof. Riffat Mazhar on February Huqooq e niswan act by mufti muneeb ur rehman. Women right and women protection bill in pakistan. Kati Kokab. Women right and women.

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Pakistan’s largest province, Punjab passed another women’s bill which instituted further reforms this is pending before the courts on grounds of unconstitutionality.

But this does not mean that the law has to be changed. Gen R Ghulam Mustafa Lt. When the mother will train his son how to treat women, he will become a good husband and will treat wife with respect and care as she deserve.

But since usually there is lack of sufficient evidence to proof that the woman is lying, even such cases are rare. The law meant women would not be jailed if they were unable to prove rape, and allows rape to be proved on grounds other than witnesses, such as forensics and DNA haaooq.

Haqooq Niswan Bill By Prof. Naeem Qasim (Dated: 05 March )

Hence, the result of this amendment is that if any man has been accused of Zina which calls for Hadd, but after hearing the witnesses it turns out that the man had compelled the woman, or, nniswan Zina could not be proven, but it could be proven that the man had abducted the haqloq, then the court can neither award a punishment for rape, nor for abduction, rather the court will let the culprit go, knowing perfectly well haqokq he had kidnapped the woman and raped her.

Some further amendments to the Hudood Ordinance. But this clause is missing from the bill which has now been passed by the National Assembly due to which many problems can be anticipated. If yes, then why do such laws come into being which not only protect the offence but also save the offender from punishment? You must be logged in to post a comment. In a situation when strong evidence is available to prove the crime the court dealing with the rape case cannot award any punishment.


Women fearing conviction under Section 10 2 frequently bring charges of rape under 10 3 against their alleged partners. This is what an haooq non-Muslim scholar who has got no sympathies toward the Hudood Ordinance niswab with regard to such women who had actually consented to committing Zina, and then due to the pressure from side of their families, tried to declare their deed as Zina bil Jabr.

This will in fact increase violence and agitation, stir up the anger more, making the situation more negative. R Mehmood Ali Durrani Gen.

Haqooq Niswan Bill By Prof. Naeem Qasim (Dated: 05 March 2016)

If haooq would like more information about this practice and to know your choices about not having this information used by these companies, click here. The Hudood Laws of Pakistan”. A wrist bracelet GPS tracker will not have to be worn by the w just on the basis of domestic violence. The way in which the Hadd of Zina bil Jabr Rape has been abolished in the under discussion bill, is completely against the injunctions of Quran and Sunnah.

At a time when zina bil raza adultery was not a crime, the rape criminals used to adopt this line that what they did was with the free will of the woman. Disobedience of any transitional, protection, residence or monetary order more than once will be penalized by a two year jail sentence or a fine of Rs5 lac.

As a result cases will switch from one court to another and judicial complications will arise. Then the courts will get entangled with all sorts of legal intricacies and take considerable time to construe and interpret the new laws.

The issue might be due to the connections of surfers. This article which had actually resolved many legal perplexities, and because of which oppressed women had been considerably less vulnerable, has been cancelled in the said bill.

This risk of imprisonment, it is contended, has kept many women from trying to bring their attackers to justice. But as per the bill under consideration, clause no. Gen R Abdul Qayyum Lt. This means that if any court awards Hadd, then the government is authorized to alter or reduce this punishment. Attention to the Ordinance and suggestions for revising it were given by a number of government appointed commissions, a televised several weeks-long-televised debate on the subject of “No debate on Hudood Allah Allah’s laws as prescribed in Quran and Sunnah -is the Hudood Ordinance Man’s interpretation of Allah’s law Islamic?


How can you expect it to be a positive or constructive?

Women’s Protection Bill – Wikipedia

Retrieved 18 November Haqooq Niswan Bill By Prof. Haqokq Kumar Vankwani Dr. Retrieved 5 May There were made some further amendments to the Hudood Ordinance, e.

Why not be the first to speak your mind. This clause was to simplify the complex legal procedures.

But the picture being painted is that the bill is going to provide a remedy to those women who are facing severe oppression and hardships due to the Hudood Ordinance and that it is going to provide a great relief to countless women.

In our country, keeping heroin is a crime. Now if as a result of such propaganda a certain matter is publicized so much that even the children on the streets talk about it, and then people tend to view anyone who talks against it as insane. Therefore the Holy Quran says: It is not a one day job, it needs time and dedications and most importantly capability to arrange all this.

Thus according to article 20, point 5 of the Hudood ordinance, the authority of foregoing, altering or reducing a punishment which the martial law has given the provincial governments, shall not be applicable in case of Hudood.

In case of wrongful accusation, a 3 month jail sentence or a fine of Rs50, to one lac or both may be ordered.