Harold Cruse () was born in Petersburg, Virginia, the son of a railway porter. After publishing The Crisis of the Negro Intellectual in , Cruse was . Today I’ll take a look at Harold Cruse, a man whose name is synonymous with Black intellectuals in thanks to his book The Crisis of the. Harold Cruse’s book The Crisis of the Ne- gro Intellectual is a remarkable achieve- ment. Historical in approach, it traces the shape of black American cultural.

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The Crisis of the Negro Intellectual by Harold Cruse | : Books

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Views Read Edit View history. Account O Your account has been reactivated. Cruse would not conform to contemporary standards of black conservatism. Harold Cruse was also the author of Rebellion or Revolution? It is said that Cruse collected and read volumes of magazines.


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Archived from the original on Bkack 30, An invaluable analysis of the struggle of sub-dominant groups to generate self-empowerment in the United States. But as we don’t every black college kid should be forced to read it, even though most would not want want too. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

The Crisis of the Negro Intellectual: A Historical Analysis of the Failure of Black Leadership

Is it still a live influence? But he makes no positive claims other than “we have to do everything perfectly at once,” which isn’t so helpful. Harold Cruse was born March 8,in Petersburg, Virginia. I’m very glad to have read this book, vrisis good grief was it a chore to get through. Cruse was equally as harsh with contemporary Black Power militants. Eldridge Cleaver famously remarked that was the “Year of the Panther,” but the organization blaxk important strides in This is as much about professional aspirations as it is about politics since, before The Crisis of the Negro Intellectual ‘s publication, all of these figures managed to carve out better careers than Cruse.

View the discussion thread. If we do, than we must take note of the way intellectuzl which Cruse sees the period through odd, sharp angles that cut out whole swaths of history that a contemporary generation are uncovering and putting together in a more holistic manner. This is especially significant since the activities and achievements of black intellectuals remains contested terrain in a society that devalues and denigrates black intellectual capacity.


If we lived in an intelligent country than this book would be required reading for every body. By the early s however, Cruse seemed reinvigorated enough to travel to Cuba alongside of Robert Williams and Le Roi Jones–two figures criticized in Crisis ; participate in the New York chapter of the Freedom Now Party; write several essays for small left-wing publications; and serve as a writer for the influential nationalist magazine, Liberator.

40 Years of ‘The Crisis of the Negro Intellectual’

My Dynamics professor, Dr. Published inas the early triumphs of the Civil Rights movement yielded to increasing frustration and violence, The Crisis of the Negro Intellectual electrified a generation of activists and intellectuals. For Black Studies programs the weightiness, both literally and figuratively, of The Crisis of the Negro Intellectual could be used to justify the substantive importance, even existence in some instance, of rich, vibrant, and hzrold black intellectual production and scholarly achievement.

Stokely Carmichael’s political activities during are nothing short of remarkable.

The book has proven intellectually stimulating for more than three decades.