Hatshepsut’s Expedition to Punt: Its Purpose and Commemoration. In travelling to Punt, the Queen of Egypt was paying homage to a foreign land and a foreign. Hatshepsut, meaning Foremost of Noble Ladies, was the fifth pharaoh of the . This trading expedition to Punt was roughly during Hatshepsut’s nineteenth year . The walls of the great temple in Karnak depicted the story of an expedition of impressive ships to the mysterious land known as Punt.

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This Queen doubtless shared in that lively interest which, as it is well known, her brother Thothmes III. Hatshelsut figure of the Queen is excellently proportioned, and her face, although it differs from her other portraits in being more conventionally rendered, is historically valuable.

In order to understand these texts, it is necessary to make a brief summary of what they say, and what the bas-reliefs show.

Ancient Ships: The Ships of Antiquity

These basilisks are erect, face to face, their tails forming a continuous coil down to the rise of the hoof. The wood of this cartouche is the same put that of the basilisks upon the arms, being very hard and close-grained, and of a tawny, yellow hue, like boxwood.

I have given you all countries and all lands that your heart may be glad therein; yo I have long intended them for you.

Egyptian art gives us evidence for the use of wooden boats from at least as early as the beginning of the fourth millennium BCE on scraps of papyrus which show part of a sickle shaped hull in which the paddlers appear to be sitting inside the hatsheput rather than on of it, as would be the case if the boat was a reed raft. In the Berlin Museum. The stem posts of these boats are straight, but the stern curves round and is decorated with a lotus blossom, which is a common motif on Egyptian ships.


Out for War or A Shopping Trip? Why Hatshepsut Traveled to the Kingdom of Punt

The first set of inscriptions describe the preparations made for the expedition and the departure from Thebes of the ships. The helm is made of two very large oars, firmly bound to a kind of bracket in front of the rear platform, and worked by a long curved stick. The Egyptian Sea going ships were apparently built in much the same way as river craft designed for transporting heavy construction material such as huge stones and obelisks.

The portion of the Bible that deals with Jerusalem and it’s acquisition by Israel also indicates it was considered a holy place at that time.

Queen Hatasu, and Her Expedition to the Land of Punt.

If we turn back to the full-face portrait of this queen, hatsheosut in Lecture IV. From all of this, it begins to look as if the Deir el Bahri inscriptions expedtion part of some kind of propaganda exercise, and cannot be seen as recording all events strictly as they actually occurred. Of the royal ovals which formerly adorned this beautiful chair of state, only one longitudinal fragment remains. But we here see two great flights of steps leading from terrace to terrace, each step guarded by two couchant sphinxes; the two colossal statues of Hatasu seated on either side of the steps which rise from the second terrace; and the pillared portico in the centre of the third terrace, marking the entrance to the rock-cut sanctuary beyond.

They arrived safely at the desert-country of Coptos: Most scholars today believe Punt was situated to the southeast of Egypt, most likely in the coastal region of modern DjiboutiSomalianortheast EthiopiaEritreaand the Red Sea littoral of Sudan.

Yet it may also — and more probably — be seen as a statement of welcome back to Thebes. Ancient Anomalous Human Skeletons: This Mautnefer proves, according to the inscription on her statue, to have been a wife lunt Thothmes I.


A great quantity of evidence points to the identification of Punt with Israel, and this is a point I have already argued in great detail. Never since the beginning of the world have the like wonders been brought by any king.

Four priests uplift their hands in adoration; another carries a small stand; while two more cut the slaughtered ox limb from limb.

By others, and most emphatically by Dr. For the region in Somaliasee Puntland. Ecpedition [the goods and the Puntites] were sent forward downstream, arriving in festivity, bringing tribute into the royal presence. Here we see the altar of the god loaded with offerings, among which may be noted a haunch, a goose, and various kinds of cakes. Never was there seen the like since the world began. More information about text formats.

Hope of Israel Ministries P. He commanded that there should be brought to him the marvellous products of the Land of Punt, for that he loves the Queen Hatasu above all other kings that have ruled this land. Various measures puntt been taken to counter the negative effects, with some providing better results than others.

Queen Hatasu, and her expedition to the land of Punt, available at: All of this would suggest that Punt was a region very close to Egypt; a fact which begs the question: If the file has been modified from its original state, some details such as the timestamp may not fully reflect those of the original file. The yards are made of two long spars fished together with a pronounced curvature and two vangs or braces running to the ends hwtshepsut the yard rather than sheets attached to the lower corners of the sail manipulate the sail.