Editorial Reviews. Review. Ed Abbey’s novel, The Monkey Wrench Gang, Hayduke Lives! (Edward Abbey Series Book 4) – Kindle edition by Edward Abbey. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones. Hayduke Lives! has ratings and reviews. Geoff said: The follow-up to the eco-warrior’s bible The Monkey-Wrench Gang has our heroes once again c. Hayduke Lives! has ratings and reviews. Andy said: I wanted to find out what happened next to the gang but after a few chapters I felt like I w.

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So far, he’s the only one that I’ve read that really ‘captures’ the desert! Abbey’s The Fool’s Progresson the other hand, is heartbreakingly tragic, but the emotions portrayed in that hxyduke are so genuine if deeply sad that it has a power that Hayduke Lives!

Hayduke Lives! by Edward Abbey (1 star ratings)

The writing in all the nature scenes was fantastic, though. When demonstrations by Earth First!

His actual landscape at the last, which was also the landscape of “Hayduke Lives! I really enjoyed the Monkey Wrench Gang, so I hoped to appreciate this book also. The follow-up to the eco-warrior’s bible The Monkey-Wrench Gang lves our heroes haydukr again coming to the rescue of the fragile and over-grazed southwest Abbey’s beloved lands which are once again being sold and perverted for the short term gains of profiteers so it goes and has been going for as long as we can remember–i note that Franzen borrowed a bit on this theme as well for Freedom.

This book includes Earth First! He was buried as he had requested: Basically, nothing happens until the final chapter and even that isn’t very exciting. Cover text In Edward Abbey’s critically acclaimed bestseller, The Monkey Wrench GangGeorge Washington Hayduke — ex-Green Beret and “wilderness avenger, industrial development saboteur, night-time trouble-maker, barroom brawler, free-time lover” — was last seen clinging to a cliff, under fire from both a helicopter and a posse.

I found myself skipping an entire paragraph full of examples. Jan 05, Susan Emmet rated it liked it.


Trivia Avbey Hayduke Lives! He was buried as he had requested: That being the third Abbey book, I think I will something less radical. Edward Paul Abbey — was an American author and essayist noted for his advocacy of environmental issues, abbeey of public land policies, and anarchist political views.

Seems unfinished, not in a ‘cliff-hanger, wait for book three’ way. The book starts with a fantastically taught first chapter with old man tortoise trying to outrun the mechanised monsters and I did feel genuinely gutted when he didn’t make it. Sep 05, Jason rated it liked it.


Still worth the read if you loved The Monkey Wrench Gangmight be a tad confusing if you had not. They are super good, irreverent, and laugh out loud funn This book was a fun romp into the world of environmental activism. The first book had its four main he I read The Monkey Wrench Gang a few months back, had never heard of it but was immediately captivated by the story, the characters and Abbey’s real love, the American South West.

A little slow to start, but eventually picking up pace, I’ll admit it, Hayduke Lives was exciting and rabble rousing. For a grand finale, Abbey reunites Hayduke with the outlaw-heroes of The Monkey Wrench Gang as they plan the destruction the world’s largest walking dragline while combating a greed-ridden Mormon Bishop in another attempt to save the American Southwest from development. And Reviews there isof course the comic Quixote figure, the lone ranger without any Tonto —otherwise how could he be indeed a lone ranger?

They are super good, irreverent, and laugh out loud funny. Didn’t like the feel of the book – felt smart-alecky and erudite at the same time. There were some glaring plot holes that I couldn’t ignore, and the general feeling that I got out of this was of a dying, cynical idealist trying to build a story of hope and defiant joy for those left behind, while not really feeling the hope and joy necessary to make the story sing.

The plot is wirey and meandering, the characters not as fresh or developed as before, and as a whole Abbey’s attacks on the mining and industrial interests in Southwest America degenerate into ridiculous sex scenes and the by-now dulled and long-winded Abbey rhetoric. Jul 10, Tinea rated it liked it Recommends it for: Published September 5th by Books on Tape, Inc.


Built on the Johns Hopkins University Campus. As advertised, he was a wilderness avenger, industrial development saboteur, nighttime troublemaker and barroom brawler. The critique of modern culture takes on a life of its own, almost out of the hands of the author. Be the first to discover new talent!

This article about a s novel is a stub. The obscene spectacle of Bishop Love and Goliath Love even eats a chunk of plutonium in a town meeting to prove that it’s safe helps Hayduke reunite the old gang for one last fling. During his service, he was in close proximity to the ruins of ancient Native American cultures and saw the expansion and destruction of modern civilization.

Instead it was rambling, smug, and self-indulgent. May 01, Jake rated it it was ok. Being a non-Mormon, environmentalist, desert-lover in Utah, I thought this book was hilarious! A valiant, brave effort, but not Abbey’s best. This book felt like it was thrown together by Edward Abbey solely out of a feel for the need of a sequel to “The Monkey Wrench Gang. Preview — Hayduke Lives! Abbey also works in humorous self-deprecation Jun 19, Eugene Miya rated it it was ok.

We also meet a bunch of Earth First! I really enjoyed Monkey Wrench Gangbut this book just didn’t have nearly the same impact. Abbey will fill a page with one allusion after another. Views Read Edit View history. Mark rated it did not like it Oct 06, Thanks for telling us about the problem. Monkey Wrench Gang 2. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.