Editorial Reviews. Review. Ed Abbey’s novel, The Monkey Wrench Gang, Hayduke Lives! (Edward Abbey Series Book 4) – Kindle edition by Edward Abbey. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones. Hayduke Lives! has ratings and reviews. Geoff said: The follow-up to the eco-warrior’s bible The Monkey-Wrench Gang has our heroes once again c. Hayduke Lives! has ratings and reviews. Andy said: I wanted to find out what happened next to the gang but after a few chapters I felt like I w.

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So his imagery is likewise grandiose and well suited to the theme of environmental vengeance which prods this plot along.


Libes the legendary phoenix rises from the ashes, so does Hayduke surface to rescue his beloved canyon country, threatened yet again by his environmental nemesis, Bishop Dudley Love, and a legion of uranium stripminers and industrial developers. I really enjoyed Monkey Wrench Gangbut this book just didn’t have nearly the same impact.

The enigmatic “Kemosabe” a hero from Abbey’s first novel, The Brave Cowboy also makes a reappearance, coming to the aid of Hayduke after his escape from the posse. Feb 10, Benjamin Richards rated it did not like it. I really enjoyed the Monkey Wrench Gang, so I hoped to appreciate this book also. During his service, he was in close proximity to the ruins of ancient Native American cultures and saw the expansion and destruction of modern civilization. May 31, Ian Davies rated it it was abbeu.

Jan 14, Michael Wing rated it liked it. John rated it did not like it Dec 05, Now presumed dead by all who stalked him, whereabouts unknown to those who knew him best The ending left open the door for a sequel, and I have not investigated to see if there is one. Abbey is dearly missed and I don’t know who fills his much needed role today.


I would say that my expectations were met.

Hayduke Lives! by Edward Abbey

He seemed to sense that people need to be shocked awake in order edwar react to the troubles of the world. This book felt like it was thrown together by Edward Abbey solely out of a feel for the need of a sequel to “The Monkey Wrench Gang. The gang reunites, but not with me.

The Bishop’s Haydukw followers warmly accept the destruction of Mother Earth, seeing it as a way to create jobs, thereby keeping their children from venturing to “California or Salt Lake City one near as wicked and Godless a place as the other I loved the Monkey Wrench Gang, so I had high hopes for this book.

Not one of his best books, but I still enjoyed it. Angie Groneman rated it did not like it Jul 29, The story isn’t as tight as its predecessor, lacks the focus and isn’t quite clear where its story lies at first. He was buried as he had requested: For those who are only just coming across this rascally desert rat for the first time, I should perhaps note that George Hayduke has appeared in a sister volume, the now infamous “The Monkey Wrench Gang.

Desert Solitaire Down the River With the code of the eco-warrior ringing in his ears, the reader is caught up in an explosion of militant hilarity, brought along for the ride as the gang maneuvers against the bad guys to stand up for what they stand on! His body was secretly interred in an unmarked grave in southern Arizona. Nervously watching the battle between developers and environmentalists unfold, wondering if out of some shadow or corner Hayduke might emerge, each is only mildly surprised — but deeply fearful — when he finally does appear.


Thanks for telling us about the problem. It does seem to fall short of the demands which Abbey made of himself in “The Fool’s Progress,” the last volume he published prior to his death. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. OK there’s no way I can argue for the industrial complex after having just digested a couple of Father Ed’s works, but you get the picture. Oct 12, Linda Strader rated it really liked it.

Not only is he promoting uranium mining, he’s promoting Goliath, an earthmoving machine bigger than a couple of football fields. A sequel to the Monkey Wrench Gang, best read together, I think. This book includes Earth First! In a way it was fun to meet Hayduke and the Gang again but this book is not as well written as The Monkey-Wrench Gang and a bit too long. With Abbey’s passing inThis book felt like it was thrown together by Edward Abbey solely out of a feel for the need of a sequel to “The Monkey Wrench Gang.

The author has also written Desert Solitaire and Fool’s Progress.

Hayduke Lives!

lifes Every female character has her sexual anatomy described and she’ll likely be harassed by male characters at each appearance. The setting of the book is obviously as important if not more so t Hilarious at times, rambling as an old senile loner at others, often exciting yet mostly predictable.

Who am I to pass judgment when in the book at least direct action is gettin the goods?