Dimensions (W x H x D) mm. x x B en. HBM. 4 See MGCplus system specifications for measurement properties of amplifier. MGCplus. A HBM: public. 1. Safety instructions. Intended use. The amplifier system is to be used exclusively for measurement tasks and. HBM. With more than , MGCplus channels in different applications worldwide, the. MGCplus system has achieved acceptance as a measurement.

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Strain gauge; full bridge. See all of our seminars. Providing a flexible and simple alternative, the process of set-ups is noticeably reduced due to the MGCplus systems modularity, which in turn, presents considerable and valuable cost-saving properties — a significant factor in keeping within budget. Thousands of measurement channels at a glance: Single and multiple channel amplifiers for almost all physical quantities Display and control panel for operation without software Simultaneous and parallel measurement using three independent sampling rates DC amplifier for dynamic measurement up to Please see the Release Note for further details and requirements.

Please click below for seminar information in your country! Spain, France, and Italy.

Seminar: Operating and Using the MGCplus Amplifier System Correctly

Ideal for aerospace applications such as full-scale fatigue testing and more! It acquires data on force, strain, displacement, torque, voltage, current, temperature, and many other parameters. You can also import measurement files without time channel. HBMshop See prices, mgcplua and get an instant quote. Whether it is calibration, material, or fatigue testing, the MGCplus data acquisition system has been used in all kinds of applications for more than 25 years.

In this seminar, you will learn how to operate MGCplus professionally so as to make full use of all the technical options the system has to offer. MGCplus data acquisition system then and now. Working with catman Basic Seminar.


Digital input and output dynamic: Are you performing measurements? Related Articles Why digital microscopes could replace traditional magnification tools in quality control The IIoT is driving more predictive inspection models in non-destructive testing Kyocera to participate in self-driving bus test project on JR East BR lines. When it comes to calibration, material or fatigue testing, the MGCplus data acquisition system from HBM has been successfully used hhbm a number of prestigious projects for more than 25 years.

ML71B – Operating Manual. The Zip file includes the following firmware versions: MGCplus sets standards having sold over 24, systems and several hundred thousand measurement channels in the field.

Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden.

Determining Measurement Uncertainty Correctly. ERE with sixteen slots. Owing to its versatility, MGCplus is the ideal choice for every test engineer. Get a quote now!

Benchtop data acquisition system / laboratory – MGCplus – HBM Test and Measurement – Videos

Inductive full- and half bridge. Strain gauge; quarter bridge. You will get to work directly on the instrument as you learn about the MGCplus system.

Basic Principles of Electrical Engineering. MGCplus – Manuel d’emploi. Using TEDS chips Transducer Electronic Data Sheet for automatic sensor detection and sensor parameterization Using the sensor database Virtual TEDS chip Other methods of parameterization Optimum use of the modular system jbm different applications How to adjust and set filters, channel functions and display functions Peak-value memory and limit value switches Multipoint measurement technology Options of the CP52 communication processor.

In the video you can see how the non-linearities can easily be compensated for when measuring high strains with MGCplus. The MGCplus data acquisition system has long been one of the leading and most powerful systems of its kind on the market.


Reducing set-up times, the MGCplus enables engineers to perform more efficient tests, mgcpluw compromising on quality. Access to status information of every measurement value is possible. GSD file, English version: Individual offer Technical advice Fast response.

ML77B – Operating Manual. The M-file was developed and tested with MatLab 6. The MGCplus is a truly integrated measurement device which features a wide spectrum of supported transducers, fieldbus connections and standard PC interface. This means that it offers proven compatibility, not only within the MGCplus system but also along the entire measurement chain from the sensor to the software.

Please send me a quote for MGCplus further information. The archive must be recursively unpacked into the firmware download directory ” CP52 offers the following new advantages: MGCplus – Data Sheet. Featuring cutting-edge architecture, the new MGCplus CP52 communication processor provides users with a variety of options and is backward compatible.

Due to its cutting-edge architecture, the new MGCplus CP52 communication processor provides many new options and mbcplus backward compatible!

This basic seminar is the ideal springboard for a better understanding of electronics as the basis of measurement technology. Signal conditioner Signal converter HBM data acquisition system Paperless recorder Sensor signal conditioner Measurement monitoring system Multi-channel signal conditioner Recorder with touchscreen Amplifier signal conditioner Digital signal conditioner Single-channel signal conditioner Portable data collector Modular signal conditioner Potentiometer signal conditioner Transient recorder Recorder with screen Portable recorder Data collector High-speed recorder.

Via Pordenone, 8 Milano Google Maps. A rack frame is available for installation in a cabinet.