Are you contributing the correct amount for your SSS, Pag-IBIG and PhilHealth contribution? For Employer, Employee, Self-employed. Members of Pag-IBIG who are actively paying for monthly contributions should be updated with the Pag-IBIG Contribution Table. It is a simple. Review SSS, Philhealth and Pag-Ibig contributions with examples. For SSS: Let say your monthly basic salary is Php 15, then by looking at the table here.

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Although his salary is Php 30,00 we will only use the Php 5, because this is the maximum monthly compensation to use in computing the monthly contribution. December 20, at 4: This is done because the contribution is equally shared by the tabel and employee with the maximum monthly salary of Php 40, This is just actually derived from the simple formula of multiplying your monthly salary by 2.

How to Compute Your SSS, Pag-ibig, PhilHealth, and BIR WT Contributions (2018)

January 20, at 3: Ako poy isang mandaragat. March 5, at 2: Pero ang pagkakaalam ko rin po eh hindi po pwedeng doble xontribution deduction.


Some of the benefits a Philhealth member can avail are the In-patient and Out-patient coverage benefits and other packages such as Coverage up to the 4 th normal spontaneous delivery, CBC and other laboratory test, etc.

The employee gets a total of Php 2, worth of deductions in his salary. The Employee share is Php Kase balak ko po sana magbayad sa bayad center voluntary member po ako.

SSS, Pag-IBIG & PhilHealth Contribution Table – George Mikhail R. Aurelio, CPA

This is so helpful. You can also send an e-mail at my official Sun Life e-mail address thru contrbiution. Using the same illustration we have earlier, we can determine the Employee and Employer share by looking on the table below: My mission is to develop financially wise Filipinos thru proper wealth management.

Ikaw, Bangko, Industria at Gobyerno. February 27, at Paano ko po malalaman kung nag merge ang contributions ko. The income of Php 13, February 17, at 9: SSS provides benefits that employees can enjoy such as Retirement benefits, Disability benefits, Maternity benefits and Sickness benefits.

How to Compute SSS Contribution, Pag-ibig, Philhealth, and BIR WT

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. This is being shared by the employee 3. What will be the penalty for those businesses not having there employee oblide to have a contribution for philhealh and sss.


February 8, at September 23, at 3: I suggest to bring your printed confirmation of pag-ibig number at pag-ibig office for activation so you could start paying the contribution. Hi po when can I download payment slip ng pag-ibig?

You can already fill up contributin form at any SSS accredited payment, fill up the voluntary box on the type of payor on the form and pay the necessary premium.

May 27, at Covering and Blogging History How To: September 16, at July 29, at 2: After learning how to compute for each monthly deductions you get this is the perfect time to compute for the total deduction. August 22, at 5: This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Can you tabls me basis of the basis?

Since the process is generally sound, please check the new tax and contributions table for proper implementation. Employers have the mandatory obligation to contribute an amount for employees benefit.