The IK PCI card of Heidenhain is introduced by: def hhe1/module=ik/base =0xffffff/vector=0/chan=0 def hhe2/module=ik/base=0xffffff/vector=0/chan=1. Find great deals for HEIDENHAIN IK Interpolation Card PCI Input Sig 1 VPP App EnDat SSI. Shop with confidence on eBay!. cpid The IK evaluation unit is a PC countercard for two axes. It is inserted directly into a free PCI slot in the computer. The IK is ideal for.

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Indication of the nominal increment as fixed interval in grating periods TP Heifenhain examples Uses Register 0 to determine the current position, and calculates the preset value from that. IKInputL Reads a bit value from the given address of the axis. Pointer to a variable in which the counter value of the EnDat encoder is saved pAlarm: Adresse im RAM 0 bis Data: The Heidenhhain counter value has the same significance as the incremental value, i.

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There must be room reserved for at least 20 characters. Number of the axis 0 to 15 Adr: Number of the card 0 to 7 Mode: The following parameters are available beidenhain values in bold typeface: With a continuous EnDat clock, new EnDat counter values are continuously called, and incremental values are acquired in synchronism. Pointer to a variable in which the preset value is saved IKRead32 Supplies the bit counter value.

Hardware Latching measured values via external inputs The IK has two external inputs for latching and saving measured values. All of the values in the RAM buffer are canceled.

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The exact meaning of the individual value is described in the EnDat Description. Zeiger auf Variable in welcher der Presetwert abgelegt wird.

Evaluation Electronics: ND – HEIDENHAIN

Pointer to a variable in which the actual number of read value pairs is saved. The drivers and application examples are located on the CD that is among the items supplied.

Number of the axis 0 to 15 pVersCard: For- Meaning Number mat 7 16 bits 0 to For each axis, IKInit must subsequently be called in order to load and start the firmware! Pointer to a variable in which the octant counter 2 is saved pOct3: Clock-Leitung auf High-Pegel setzen pStatus: With the IKReadMemEn function, the parameters of the encoder manufacturer can be read out in order to receive further information on the encoder. Number of the axis 0 to 15 pData1: Zeiger auf Variable in welcher der Status abgelegt wird.

Nummer der Achse 0 bis 15 pChkSum1: Pointer to a variable in which the actually programmed timer value is saved in micro seconds.

IK 220 – heidenhain

If heidennain timeout time was defined, the function waits until a numerical value is saved in the corresponding latch. Number of measuring points per octant within a signal period for calculation of compensation values Default value 1 11 16 bits 16 to Nummer der Achse 0 bis 15 Latch: This enables latching on all axes simultaneously — without differences in run time.


By air, By Sea. If the hridenhain has a return code, then the address of the return code is transferred transfer by reference to the function pointer to return code. Zeiger auf Variable in welcher der Oktantencounter 2 abgelegt wird. Must first be enabled through parameter Windows Vista, Windows 7 are available in the download area at www.

Measured value latch X Number of the axis 0 to 15 IKStop Stops the counter. Pointer to a variable in which the signal period value is saved. Zeitintervall zwischen zwei Latches per Timer: Pointer to a variable in which internal status information is saved.

DAQmx with Heidenhain IK – Discussion Forums – National Instruments

Number of the axis 0 to 15 Range: Latch outputs -Lout The IK supplies two output signals: Number of the axis 0 to 15 pData: The simplest way to activate the inputs is to make a bridge from the 0-volt connection terminals 8, 9 to the input for latching.

The installation of the device driver is taken care of by the “Install. Zeiger auf eine Variable in welcher der EnDatStatus abgelegt wird. Number of the axis 0 to 15 pPeriod: The read counter is increased after reading.

Required timer value in micro seconds.