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These numbers, however, insfalaoes on this side of what is expected to find exactly in the considered companies of great transport and demonstrates that the great majority of the enterprises possesses the equipment filled with earth with the elements electrodes, connections and conductors adjusted but they display imperfections in other important items of the norm many times due to knowledge or efficient fiscalization.

In the year of one would find registered in this sector of civil construction, 1, employees in all Brazilian territory, being The step tension can provoke serious damages to a person due to the current levels and tension that can be attained elstricas.

Helio creder pdf download

Baixar livro instalacoes eletricas helio creder em pdf. Documents similar to livro helio creder instalacoes eletricas. When accidents occur because of electrical shock, there is a considerable probability for it to become fatal. When approaching the subject Protection against Electric Instalaoees, such norm establishes two fundamental principles which are key-ring for the understanding of the rules, procedures and norms and, consequently, to the effectuation of the hazards control inherent to the handling, operation and intervention in electrical webs.

For identification of the electric risks at the work sites, a specific protocol, based in previous studies was elaborated and the current law NR 10, NR 18 and NBR Basic specifications for the grounding system.

In a grounding system, it is considered as land resistance the effect of three resistances, knowing: The study of the raised data demonstrated that the systems of equi- potentialization of the provisory electric installations of the work sites still present significant shunting lines in relation to the fulfillment of the lapsing established for norms NBR and NR 10, what demonstrates the necessity of consequently increasing the knowledge in relation to the systems of protection of the electrical installations, in order to manage them in efficient way taking the reduction in the number of accidents and diminishing the costs direct and indirect and with thesame ones, increasing the productivity at the work sites.

It can also be spoken ingrounding of work or provisorywhose objective is to make it possible, without risk of danger, action of maintenance on parts of the installation normally under tension, placed outside of service for this end.


The linking of connecting rods in parallel reduces the grounding resistance. It is impossible to imagine the present world without the electrical system, it is displayed in all the branches of professional activities but electrical energy has also as characteristic the potentiality of causing accidents.

In the places or situations where the provisions of these last ones integrally does not assure the basic principles previously cited, the set will be added to the additional protection. It must therefore be evidenced, as much for the public in general, as for the entrepreneurs of the industry of the civil construction, the importance of the use, adequate sizing and installation of the equi-potentialization systems so that they guarantee its effectiveness in the prevention of when requested the electric shocks.

Helio creder pdf download

Special care was taken so that the visits were made with the presence of the electrician, engineer or technician of security of the workmanship, in order to preserve the security of the scholarship holder, as well as, also of obtaining refined information.

To characterize such systems at high-rise worksites in Pernambuco, Brazil, the research was performed at 66 sites sampled randomly hleio 47 construction firms between May and Aprilanalyzing the conditions and compliance with current norms of their electrical installations and grounding systems.

It is common to use the removal between connecting rods equal or superior to the length of the 8 connecting rod [ 8 ]. Its presence cannot be felt at distance by senses touch, sight, hearing, smell. Therefore, for understanding the steps and safe procedures needed to the use of energy and the handling of electrical installations requires the comprehension of electrical risks [1].

The Brazilian norms predict specific protection systems to electricalinstallations, on what refers to the eletficas of the worker one can quote the Regulatory Norm n. The objective of the groundings is to assure without risk of danger the draining of currents of lack and escape for land, satisfying the necessities of security of the people and employees of the installations.

Equi-potentialization of the electrical installations. The civil construction industry displays a multiplicity of factors whichpredispose the worker to accidental risks such as: The touch tension is the existing electric tension between the superior lnstalaoes inferior limbs of an individual, due to an imperfection in the equipment, while the step tension can be understood in the following way, considering an electrode of vertical grounding nailed into a homogeneous land, and its area of radial dispersion of until a meter one has a limited parcel of tension which a close person can be submitted to a tension called step.


One has had the concern about distributing the workmanships amongst the diverse quarters of the region. The most used are of 2 and 3 m.

Albeit this ratio has diminished, the death of construction workers still would correspond to a ratio four times bigger than that of all industries put together, what justifies a corrective action to the problem. The accidents risks involving electrical energy become preoccupying due toits seriousness.

The election and installation of the grounding components must be such that: This measure of protection is destined to prevent that a contact tension of maintaining for a time which hhelio result in risk of dangerous physiological effect for people or animals and, it is based on the performance of a device of automatic cut that eletricaa the defective installation when it will be able to circulate dangerous credsr through people or animals.

In this in case, so that the possibility of dispersion of the connecting rod is used fully is necessary to nail it outside the zone of dispersion of the other, eletricaw either, in the region of null potential. A vida por um fio: Livro instalacoes eletricas helio creder em pdf livros no. However, in practice it is not common to use very long connecting rods, which are not simple to embed in the ground.

However, deficiencies with regard to the installation and maintenance of the stakes and hellio were detected that failed to protect against damages caused by the aggressive worksite environment.

Congresso Brasileiro de Ergonomia, The symptoms may include from a slight sensation of tingling, to violent eletdicas contractions, cardiac Arrhythmia or damage to the tissues.

In view of the described aspects above the objective of this research is tocharacterize the used systems of equi-potentialization used at the vertical worksites of the city of Recife, as well as analyzing its conformity with the effective norms, aiming at the control of the electric risks and to provide the reduction of the number of accidents in the civil construction sector.

However, deficiencies with regard to the installation and maintenance of the stakes and connections were detected that failed to protectagainst damages caused by the aggressive worksite environment. According to Cadick et al [1] electric shock is the physical manifestation that occurs when an electrical current flows through eletgicas human body.