HER LOVER SHORT STORY MAXIM GORKY A L E X E I M A X I M O V I C H P E S H K O V, P R I M A R I LY K N O W N A S M A X I M G O R K Y, WA. PDF | This paper debates three views in Maxim Gorky’s short story Her Lover. The first one is human loneliness, lack of communication. Her Lover. A Story. by Maxim Gorky. An acquaintance of mine once I lived on the top flight and her garret was opposite to mine. I never left my door open when .

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Was it stereotypical towards women? Suspecting Teresa is playing him for a fool, the students gets mad and scolds her.

And I feel quite sure that Boles is there. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Dec 31, dely rated it it was ok Shelves: Jan 24, Magdalen rated it liked it Shelves: I actually rather liked the voice in the story I pretend that Boles is there.

Restraining myself somehow, I asked: In reality, we also are fallen folks, and, so far as I can see, very deeply fallen into the abyss of self-sufficiency and the conviction of our own superiority.

The student then realizes that Teresa has created the boyfriend, and her relationship with him, out of loneliness and despair. Then she explained, still offended. I was sitting at my window whistling and thinking of some expedient for enabling me to get away from myself.

Maxim Gorky’s “Her Lover.”

If you relate to a very isolated and lonely existence this story will get very close to the bone. It was evidently something very different.

She finished her letter with the phrase ” your sorrowing little dove, Teresa “. Cannot I, a girl, have a young man? It was evidently something very different.

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Petra’s review is much deeper than mine, and takes the analysis deeper than mine. Can find the discussion Discovering Russian Literature. Occasionally, I saw her drunk, with bleary eyes, tousled hair, and a particularly hideous grin—and on such occasions, she would speak to me.

Alongside of me, not three yards away, lived a human creature who had nobody in the world to treat her kindly, affectionately, and this human being had invented a friend for herself! Eventually he sits down an A very short, quirky little story by Gorky, available free online: And from thenceforth, regularly, twice a week, Teresa posted on my computer as Boles, and then as Teresa.

However, when the woman makes a plea for his help, asking him to write a letter for her, he agrees to it. It reminded me of a film called Her This book is gorku yet featured on Listopia. View all 15 comments.

I waited to see what would come of all this, and I saw and felt that, apparently, I had made a great mistake in suspecting her of wishing to draw me from the path of righteousness.

I have no wish whatever to cultivate your acquaintance. Short yet thought provoking! Nevertheless it was a fine story Yadhu rated it liked it Dec mxim, She was a tallish, powerfully- built brunette, with maixm, bushy eyebrows and a large coarse face as if carved out by a hatchet–the bestial gleam of her dark eyes, her thick bass voice, her cabman-like gait and her immense muscular vigor, worthy of a fishwife, inspired me with horror.

At first he become surprised but later, he agrees. So the moral of the story -briefly- is not to be prejudic Was it stereotypical towards women? Log In Sign Up. The loser class, we say. When they randomly met in the yard, she would smile which seemed to the narrator as sly and cynical.


He lived alongside a neighbor, a lady called Teresa. And then she has the lover write back in terms of longing and endearment. Yet no harm was done to any one by my writing to him that I can see She was a Pole, and they called her Teresa.

Her Lover by Maxim Gorky

There’s no Boles at all, and there’s no Teresa either. I post to him, and it looks as if he did exist. He is the narrator of the story and his name is not stated in the story. And Teresa–that’s me, and he replies to me, and then I write to him again It is as if this lonely woman has an inner, fantasy life that she tries to make a bit more real to console herself for the lack of love in her life.

Probably not but what he gave us was enough considering the length of the story as well The narrator was quick to judge the woman and later regrets it. No trivia or borky yet. She leaped from her seat, came towards me with flashing eyes, and laying her hands on my shoulders, began to whisper, or rather to hum in her peculiar bass voice: There’s nobody at all, neither Boles, nor Teresa, only me. Her door was flung violently to–plainly the poor wench was very lovrr