La muerte de Virgilio es, sin lugar a dudas, una de las obras fundamentales de la narrativa del siglo XX. Su autor, Hermann Broch, figura junto a Kafka y Joyce. Hermann Broch was a novelist, playwright, mathematician, and engineer. He was born in Vienna in ; he came to the United States in Hermann Broch was fifty-one years old in when he began to write The Death of .. Nelle ore che precedono la morte, Virgilio riconsidera con una nuova.

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As a friend and I were just discussing, Broch’s masterpiece seems especially poignant and relevant today.

Austrian writers German writers Liechtenstein writers Swiss writers in German. The servant and the young boy take turns interrupting one another and Virgil as the layers of hallucination begin to pile up and a chorus of confusion rises to a fervent pitch. Lists with This Book. In he converted to Roman Catholicism and married Franziska von Rothermann, the daughter of a knighted manufacturer.

Alianza Editorial- Rome – pages. I can take a hard bite, when it comes to difficult literature, but this one just went too far for me. As beautifully as this book is written, the translation by Jean Starr Untermeyer utterly blew me away — this is a highly nuanced and complex novel about poetic sensibilities which dive deep into the abyss and float high into the “second immensity” of the “cupola of the stars”.

Hermann Broch was fifty-one years old in when he began to write The Death of Virgil. Hushour rated it liked it. If it were not for Nora Brlch, wife of James Joyce, much of that work of genius would have been lost to a fire from which in a bit of quick witted work she managed to retrieve it.


But I also oa another one off the list, a swashbuckler, to offset it: The first two sections are incredibly consistent, religiously intense, and before beginning the third section I was predicting that this would be in my top 5 reads of all time.

This totality is reflected in great works of art like Faust and the late works of Beethoven. The long descriptions of existence and muerye come seemingly from a trance, with Broch determined to write everything Virgil sees, no matter how exhaustive or immense the resulting catalog of existence is.

Hermann Broch

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Jan 06, Matt rated it liked it Shelves: Which apparently reads as a poem in German, and a labour of, well, labour in English.

La muerte de Virgilio Alianza Editorial: A big help was This book was amazing!! However, what he ‘s done in “Virgil” is try way too hard to convey some aesthetic notions of the ethics of art in a bombastic, repetitive, and downright treacly way. The innovative, prose style of Broch reminded me of Proust with some of the longest and most beautiful sentences that I have ever read. Views Read Edit View history.

Hermann Broch und die Moderne: The book ostensibly recounts the last day of Virgil’s life as he contemplates burning the Aeneid. But read the last part.

Hermann Broch – Wikipedia

Broch was born in Vienna to a prosperous Jewish family and worked for some time in his family’s factory, though he maintained viryilio literary interests privately. It varies from book to book how they are used and how important they are, and all readers have different opinions about which one s matter to them. In depth, and existentially.


The writing goes at a fever pitch for the entire book, stopping only to dive into Virgil and Augustus’s philosophical debate. Heramnn know how inventive German can be in the construction of …more Oh dear: Anna Akhmatova Richard Aldington W. Quotes from The Death heermann Virgil. Or rather, Broch fails to sew it all up together. I’ll definitely read more of Broch’s work and would confidently recommend The Death of Virgil to any with an artistic or academic interest in modernism.

I’ve learnt that the German and this English translation were published simultaneously, and Broch worked closely with Untermeyer. Dec 11, Caroline rated it really liked it Shelves: La muerte de Virgilio.

Jean Starr Untermeyer Translator. This is a multiple work of art review because once again a serendipitous simultaneous reading developed my thoughts about this book. This signals another edge that will be important throughout the novel as Virgil in his illness hovers between life and death. Published January 15th by Vintage first published Broch died in in New Haven, Connecticut.

The Death of Virgil by Hermann Broch

There are passages in The Death of Virgil that are just breathtaking. View all 16 comments. The year was