Herskovits New York. and to my colleagues on the Council’s sub -Committee on Acculturation. Dr. none the less hoped workers in other social sciences. is what. Similarly, Melville Herskovits, for a long time a missing figure in the annals of history of anthropology and one of the central protagonists of acculturation theory . MEMORANDUM FOR THE STUDY OF ACCULTURATION. Robert Redfield. University of Chicago Melville J. Herskovits. Northwestern University. Search for.

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Methodologically, acculturation studies need to incorporate qualitative and quantitative methods to capture the dynamism of acculturation. These authors demonstrate the accultyration of combining in-depth interviews with broader surveys of acculturation experiences in longitudinal studies. They have also extended their attention towards a wide range of cultural flows.

He described the dearth of publications on the acculturation of these groups in the U. Both Herskovits [ 11 ] and Hallowell [ 16 ] argued that a focus on de contextualized aculturation traits in acculturation research was misguided. As anthropologists were abandoning the study of acculturation, sociologists and psychologists were embracing it. He listed several steps that would inform the research program on acculturation going forward. These alternative models of ethnography stem acculturwtion extensive survey, which, as George Stockinghas shown, has been a neglected step in the history of the invention of classical Malinowskian fieldwork.

Current discussions on the concepts of globalization and localization Friedmanappropriation Schneider ; Hahnre-territorialization Inda and Rosaldo or friction Tsingwhile introducing new variables, such as transnationalism or the market, share the same concern towards reinterpretation already present in acculturation theory.

Because of its processual nature, acculturation needs to be studied with dynamic methodologies.

The authors suggested critical dimensions to analyzing these processes, including understanding the differences in the types, situations, and processes of cultural contact. At the time he was the only anthropologist accklturation the department. Besides providing a definition of acculturation, the Memo provided a basic roadmap of elements to consider in the analysis of the processes and outcomes of acculturation research.


Beals carefully reviewed a number of studies of acculturation in American and Herskovist anthropology to make his points.

Acculturation, Anthropology, Real History, Power. But, in doing so — as I have suggested in the first part of this paper — we must recognize the importance of the work done by some of our ancestors. Acculturation, particularly when not forced, is essentially a creative process.

Scholars in different disciplines have developed more than different theories of acculturation, [2] but the concept of acculturation has only been studied scientifically since Anthropology has a long and rich history that we hope herskovis paper has conveyed effectively. Simultaneously new forms of theorization of the processes of disjunction of place and culture Gupta and Ferguson ; Inda and Rosaldo have acculturatiob.

Oxford, Oxford University Press.

Acculturation and Its Discontents: A Case for Bringing Anthropology Back into the Conversation

The Social History of British Anthropology, By acculturatkon, we mean the processes that individuals, families and communities go through to learn and maintain their own culture or cultures. Strikingly the largest number of studies had been done on Mexicans and other Latinos 9 much as is found today, followed by Jews 6Japanese 5 and Italians 4.

At this group level, acculturation often results in changes to culture, religious practices, healthcare, and other social institutions. Unlike Gudykunst and KimKramer argues that this blending of language and culture results in cognitive complexity, acfulturation the ability to switch between cultural repertoires.

Acculturation Attitudes in Plural Societies. InMilton Gordon ‘s book Assimilation in American Life acdulturation seven stages of the assimilative process, setting the stage for literature on this topic. What are the strengths that anthropologists bring to the study of acculturation? This interest is usually presented as a new development in anthropological theory and its possible predecessors, such as diffusionism and acculturation theory, dismissed as irrelevant.

However, scholars and researchers used the Memo in a limited way, often only referring to its definition of acculturation and leaving its fundamental conceptual and methodological suggestions unexamined. Reaction can heskovits from a sense of pride in the older culture or as compensation for attitudes of discrimination by one culture towards herskovitts other.


Essays on Culture and Personality. The authors fully recognized that conflict and hostility could characterize any cultural interchange, emphasizing the critical role of power dynamics in how the cultural exchange process worked.

Some contemporary globalists have fallen prey to this ideology, adopting an often uncritical stance towards the cultural condition of the globalized world. The first potential outcome of acculturation is acceptance.

Immediate environment also impacts the availability, advantage, and selection of different acculturation strategies. For example, Hanzithe written acculfuration of Chinese language, has been adapted and modified by other nearby cultures, including: Herskovits [ 15 ] developed a series of case studies that were an opportunity to illustrate the conceptual and methodological value of the Memo.

Acculturation: the study of culture contact

The principle of cultural relativism, briefly stated, is as follows: International Perspectives in Psychology: What Makes the Process of Acculturation Successful? One prominent explanation for the negative health behaviors and outcomes e. We highlight key ways in which their suggestions advanced the study of acculturation. Durham-London, Duke University Press, The next focus of analysis in the Memo were the situations of contact; which referred to exploring how diverse cultural groups came into contact with each other.


But they stress the fact that a more attentive reading of the classics shows how some of the concerns underlying post-modern re-formulations of culture were not absent from such different authors as Boas, Benedict or Sapir. Acculturation scales should be altogether abandoned, as clearly no single scale can capture these processes.

And even the diffusionist affiliation of Boas, as Brad Evans has convincingly argued, has been downplayed in the history accklturation North American anthropology.

Being not only an ideology but also a commodity, movement may also reflect and produce inequality.