Hexagrama Error loading comments. Retry. views. 2 faves. 1 comment. Taken on March 27, All rights reserved · Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Consider your words carefully and use them to bring people together. Don’t go on alone. Beware of hesitation, lack of imagination, failure to use creative input. El hexagrama 27 es llamado 頤 (I), “Las Comisuras de la Boca”.

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The line can also refer to shirking one’s responsibility.

Use available creative energy to greater effect. The divided lines represent hexagramaa mouth cavity. You let your magic tortoise go, and look at me with the corners of your mouth drooping.

You have just made an egregious blunder. The action is foreboding. Thunderous change now moves within the Mountain of Keeping Still. Change from the Inside Out: Contemplate what nourishes people and what you are nourishing.

Its all here in our complete reference, the i-ching index! Perhaps the implication is that those who withdraw from ordinary life more on account of their oddity than because of any genuine desire for spiritual guidance waste their talents and their time.

Don’t cross the great water. Both nuclear trigrams emerge as the Receptive Earth, suggesting a time to reflect upon habitual behavior.


iChing Nourishment

Great is the work intended in the time of nourishing. Giving out light from above. Take time to look for special events or new ideas that will keep romantic wheels in motion. Harding — Psychic Energy.


The fifth line, magnetic, shows one acting contrary to what is regular and proper; but if she abides in firmness, there will be good fortune. Nourishment gives rise both to trouble and good fortune. Take this home with you as you go out into the world.

The one above spreads light. The implication is that non-action is almost always preferable to movement.

File:Iching-hexagramsvg – Wikimedia Commons

For the way is greatly confused. The ego hexaggrama to the Self for guidance and takes no action which is not so inspired, even if this means that one appears unconventional.

With line four we pass into the upper trigram. To set forth leads to misfortune. At the source of nourishment, it is good to be diligent, etc. Willpower creates a well- balanced apportionment.

I Ching Hexagram #27:

Compare this line with the sixth line of hexagram Sincere in your Te and remaining open in your response, nothing ever comes to block your way. The tiger looks with eyes downcast, his hexatrama is so sad; there is no trouble.

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Whoever has polished it more, sees more — more unseen forms become manifest.

Co-operate with the ongoing process of change. If you can let your desire be without acting on it, you will discover a more real form of nourishment. All that you are seeking can be found within.

Please select the chapter or hexagram below! He looks for the required talent with the searching glare uexagrama a hungry tiger. But he is drawn out of himself by desire for the magnetic line four, his proper correlate, at whom he looks till his jaw hangs down, or, as we say, his mouth waters.

A continuing awareness of the responsibility that comes with power is often the best means of preventing its dissipation, for responsible attitudes lead to good fortune, steadfast leadership and smart decisions. Voice of the Mothers Clear the channels of nourishment by eliminating corrupt patterns. Remaining in the correct way brings good fortune.

If you ignore them, misfortune could start to crawl hexagarma your love life.