56 always seemed to me an unclear hexagram.. fire on the top of mountain doesn’t light very far.. it works mostly so that someone is to be. Hi there, I have just asked about the status of the relationship of a friend with his lover and got the following hexagrams. Radiance The hexagram means a peak experience. It describes the wandering of a cyclic motion from the stability of its centre to an extreme of its ambit. Extreme.

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The fifth line, magnetic, shows its subject shooting a pheasant.

…life can be translucent

Travel is a great teacher, and a great equalizer. The traveler reaches an inn with his valuables still nestling safely in the bosom of his robe. One’s righteousness lost indeed. Li isn’t just a campfire such as in hex 22, it is also the Sun itself as in hex 30 cf.

Notes, August 15, Also, the more ambitious a journey, the more beneficial it is to share it with a trustworthy companion. When an officer was traveling abroad in ancient times, the gift of introduction at any feudal court was a pheasant.

He loses the loyalty of his young servant. Small attainments are possible if the Alien keeps a clear head and maintains hexgrama self-discipline. The wanderer’s inn burns down. Nature is a Teacher. Adjust Zong Hexagrma underlying cause 60 Limitation: If the exile dallies with petty matters, he will draw disaster on himself. If the traveling stranger is firm and correct, there will be good fortune.

Those who may have once been loyal will then withdraw, leaving you in a perilous state. The second line, magnetic, shows the stranger occupying her lodging-house, carrying her means of livelihood, and provided with good and trusty servants.


However, the arrow is lost, and the quarry is given to the ruler in a gesture of fealty.

Lu / The Wanderer

This site is intended for entertainment purposes only. Perhaps it is time to lighten your load? The ruler of the hexagram is the six in the fifth place. When some people travel, they merely contemplate what is before their eyes; when I travel I contemplate mutability.

Receiving the Wanderer unchanging can show a current lack of commitment or an undecided situation similar to the Hanged Man in the hecagrama deck. I’m thinking of how in summer days, the higher up the sun goes, the shadows on earth grow all the more darker, their edges sharp as papercuts.

Hi there, I have just asked about the status of the relationship of hxeagrama friend with his lover and got the following hexagrams. There will be sufficient support, guidance, and friendship to help you on your journey toward love.

He is in danger even persevering. There will be plenty of time for regret and repentance.

Her aim has become of the lowest character, and calamity will ensue. Not-yet acquiring the situation indeed. Its name and age Its nature How the I Ching works Beyond the jargon The lines Change Trigrams Hexagramw in hexagrams How to cast a reading Your question Casting a hexagram Look up your answer Trace the changes Overview of a reading Hexagrams and changing lines Getting started interpreting Some example readings Choosing questions Why the question matters Finding your real question Are there any wrong questions?

Image of a stupid idea. The lodge is on fire. Fire over the mountain symbolizes the Exile.

My heart is not glad. He obtains his property and an ax. When far from home, you take your inner treasure and ritual along.


Regulate And the still deeper secret of the secret: If forced into tempting circumstances, maintain your dignity and reserve; otherwise misfortunes will happen. Traveling so trivially; this is hrxagrama fire that he has taken. Lines one, three and six depict very negative situations involving ignorant, arrogant choices.

56: The Wanderer

An incomplete idea or concept needs nourishment and careful discrimination to make it secure. In the case symbolized he is violent to an extraordinary degree, and incapable of correctness. I have never experienced that before or since, but it is my illustration of hex 56 overall. The recollection of his own alienness, the recognition of his place of exile for what it is, is the first step back; the awakened homesickness is the beginning of the return.

She hwxagrama a pheasant. If you are careless with those who are willing to help you, you will lose their support. He wins the loyalty of a young servant. In the end this brings both praise and office. It may be that you must establish a place for yourself in altogether new territory. Completing uses praising fate. Intellectually the Self is no more than a psychological concept, a construct that serves to express nexagrama unknowable essence which we cannot grasp as such, since by definition it transcends our powers of comprehension.

Results 1 to 10 of Sacrifice your need to understand. The K’ang-hsi editors observe that the mention of the axe makes us think of caution as a quality desirable in a wanderer.