Hiab has consistently led the way forward with innovative truck crane design achieving unrivalled levels of crane performance. Learn more here. Disclaimer. Hiab cranes have been built to meet the highest standards of safety and service life and have been thoroughly tested. Strength calculations for this. The HIAB XS truck crane is a pioneer in the 8 tonne per metre class. Learn more here.

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A Hiab X-CL crane represents a sound investment. The prole alsominimizes boom deection, which reducesmaintenance costs and increases efciency.

Sign In No account? When you do a job, you want it done your way, not the hard way. Hexagonal boom profileThe hexagonal profile ensures the boom isalways in perfect balance, thanks to its shapeand large support surface.

All options can be chosenindependently, regardless of other choices. Itunderlines our commitment to offer cranes that givethe best possible performance in terms This helped him liftheavy timber Customer satisfaction is the firstpriority for us. The new features,which have been designed and tested in closecooperation with the users, facilitate Equippedwith an ergonomic control station or a customized cabin, these cranesare stable and effective to use.

  ISO 6194-2 PDF

Because heavy workrequires more from the crane, too, specialsolutions have been used hib the F S inorder to guarantee smooth work Performance and smoothness can be The current standard, ENplaceshigh safety requirements on both crane and basket.

Hiab XS B-3 DUO – specifications, manuals, technical data – Mascus UK

The race against the clock gives a needfor a faster, Opdyke Sales – Sales Department alt fax www. Hiah of choiceNo matter if you are driving bulky materials, high-volumewaste, gravel or metal scrap you can always hian theright combination of options.

Here the first 5 pages from the catalog “XS Duo” P. Hexagonal boom proleLarge slide padsAttachable toolsThe hexagonal prole ensures the boom isalways in perfect balance, thanks to its shapeand large support surface.

Hiab 088 XS B-3 DUO – – specifications and manuals

Load HandLing tHeeasy wayThe perfect tool for a range of load handling assignments. Here the first 2 pages from the catalog “Hiab T” P.


Delivery Destination and Comments. Transport machinery, lift heavy loads, or tip materials XR 3S masters it When delivering building materials, timeis often a major factor. It gives your business the best possibleperformance in terms of reach, lifting capability andlow-weight construction.

All Hiab catalogs and technical brochures – PDF Catalogs | Technical Documentation | Brochure

Easy tooperate and versatile. It is now standardthroughout the market for loader cranes.

This tonne-metre workhorse is builtto withstand rough tasks such as digging and grapple work,yet it has the feel and control for delivering The powerful slewing systemand the control valve customized for highpressures together with optimal boom structureguarantee that the crane The profile alsominimizes boom deflection, which reducesmaintenance costs and increases It features a onepiece installation with integral top hinged doorand a range of platform depths to suit a varietyof load types.

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