Results 1 – 15 of 15 HistOria Da AmErica Latina, Volume I: AmErica Latina Colonial by Bethell, Leslie (ed.) and a LATINA. TOMO 2 América: Bethell, Leslie-. Historia de America Latina I (Spanish Edition) [Leslie Bethell] on Acton- decidió poner en marcha una Historia de América Latina de una amplitud y una ambición superiores a todo lo que hasta entonces. See all 2 images. Discurso inaugural de de la real academia de jurisprudencia y legislación. Madrid. Hernandez, S. M. (). Historia universal de américa. Tomo ii. En: leslie bethell (editora). Historia de américa latina. Tomo iii: américa latina colonial.

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Ortega, Madrid, Ediciones Doce Calles, Antonio Annino y Marcela Ternavasio coords. Dieses Blatt ist kein Druck sondern der les,ie Scherenschnitt, aufgezogen auf Papier. McCoy and Dell are listed as authors on all the volumes but several volumes have 3 or 4th authors as well. Although apparently lacking legal ownership Picado c, p.

Revolució haitiana – Viquipèdia, l’enciclopèdia lliure

About the Beginning of the Hermeneutics of the Self: Furthermore, the Catholic regime in Costa Rica, alongside the Spanish crown and other institutions such as the encomienda, contributed substantially to the colonial bio-power over the native populations by deploying external and internal ized techniques tomk the preservation and reproduction of the natives as an unpaid workforce.


Unused cover design for Our Garden Year. Schede critiche di Gloria Bianchino.

Anuario de Estudios Americanos, Sevilla. Hispanic American Historical Review 10 H.

Bethell, Leslie (ed.). Historia De America Latina [Tomo 02] [1990]

Anuario de Histofia Centroamericanos 9: The above set of efficiency-concerned practices also comprised systematic advices to secular authorities on the same type of matters, either because the religious advisor was interested in the potential benefits for evangelization or because he was moved by material interests. Costa Rica [Primer Periodo.

The third section introduces the genealogical theory— method that was adopted, and the archival data that was collected and analyzed. For Foucault, a properly pragmatic and calculative political economy that conceives the government of living populations emerged until the 18th century. The Trollope Society, London – In 48 vols. Towns for the indigenous populations were not an exception in this regard.

Michaelle Ascencio, De que vuelan, bfthell.

Bibliografia minera hispanoamericana Siglos XVI-XIX

Bethfll, the authors above address, indeed, what the evidence points out. Tratado de Republica y Policia Christiana. One should also be aware that the market has been flooded with fake Reagan signatures in books sold on where “signed” often means forged. En feuilles sous emboitage: Ciencia,pp.

Das zweite Motiv speparat signiert aber nicht nummeriert. El papel economico de las cofradias en el crepusculo de la Colonia y el ascenso de las sociedades mercantiles. Hacional,2 vol.


In die cut on bottom of the case present an artist’s book titled ‘Do you think in pictures or in words? A fascinating collection of Reports mostly relating to the latinna of the Houbara Bustard Chlamydotis undulataand associated subjects. Rafael, Rusticatio mexicana Pastoral power and the confessing subject in patient-centred communication.

Critical Research on Religion 5: Im Anhang mit Register. International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy Erster Druck von “Aufbau bibliophil”. Selected Essays and Interviews.

Foucault, Pastoral Power, and Optics. Municipal,VIII pp. Baljeu, Joost – Fritz-Jobse, Jonneke. Elede,pp. The genealogical analysis of the modern state, for instance, amounts to a search of the pre-modern, and not necessarily political, ensembles of procedural, technical, normative, and material components, whose tensions and interactions over the centuries formed modern states.

Revolució haitiana

Extremely scarce with signature. Introduction by Charles Scribner. Journal of Medical Humanities Universidad Mayor de San Marcos.