Dua E Hizbul Bahr – Free download as PDF File .pdf) or view presentation slides online. Basha’ir Al Khairat – Arabic Text. Uploaded by. TAQWA (Singapore). HIZBUL BAHR. THE LITANY OF THE SEA. By Imam Shadhili Rahimahullah. For Protection against any harm, Jinn, Sihr, enemies, evil effects, and for. Nov 17, Hizbul Bahr- The litany of the sea. Hizbul Bahr- The litany of the Sea- Arabic-English-Transliteration-Imam Shadhili.

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So God is sufficient for thee against them, for He hears all, knows all. What one does it offer an sheep as Sadaqah in this name for his honour. My Protector is God, Who revealed the Book from time to timeand He will choose and befriend the righteous. Let it bear us along as it by miraculous intervention, with security and well-being, in religion, worldly affairs, and the hereafter.

Once you read my article below about the extremely powerful meaning of Bismillah you’ll get a taste why i use it so much.! Audhu bi kalimatillahit-taammati min sharri ma khalaq. Especially to recieve closeness to my beloved Allah and to ward off all the evil preventing me from reaching my lord.

If it had been with the inhabitants of Baghdad, the Tatars would not have taken the city. Hizb ul-Bahr in – Transliteration.


Asalam o alaikum, I would like hizbb seek permission to recite hizb ul bahr. Receiver of penitence, Severe in punishing, Forbearing. Help us, for Thou art the best of helpers. These are the 6 ways the devil and jinns can attack you or enter you and the 7th is your Sadr-Chest referring to ones heart. That said there is a General ‘Ijaza given by Imam Shadhili to teach it to ones children this is a ‘ijaza of barakah.

You hit or slap your left hand on the floor. Bismillah is healing from every illness and protection against every disease. Tanzeelul hzb minallahil ‘azeezil ‘aleem.

Hizb al Bahr – The Litany of the Sea – Download | Sufi Books of Broken Hill

Thou plea to Thee is for protection, araic movements and moments of rest, in words, desires, and passing thoughts, from doubts, suppositions and fancies-veilings, they, over hearts, occluding sight of the unseen. Wa sakh-khir lana kulla bahrin huwa laka fil ardi was-samaa-i wal mulki wal malakut. Reciting ‘Ha Mim’ 7 times. The veil of the throne has been dropped over us, and the eye of God is gazing at us.

Commentary on the Hizb al-Bahr by Sheikh Ahmad Zarruq

Thus, they would be unable to leave or return Q Ha’ mim ‘ayn sin qaf Q E heedi nassi ratal. Wa ja’alna mim-bayni aydihim saddaw-wa min khalfihim saddan fa-agh shaynahum fahum la yubsiroon.

The power is on the Word Bimillah and its secrets please see my article; My master, Madi, related, according to a report from the shaykh, The Wrabic became one of the great saints of God. Be a companion for us on our journey, and a substitute for our households.


Hizbul Bahr

One of the Sufic powers of just ‘Bismillahi Babuna ‘ -is the ‘Barakah of the Door ‘ meaning blessings for ones house. Send us a gentle breeze, as Thou dost know how to do, and let it blow on us from the storehouses of Thy mercy. Hizb ul Bahr – Litany of the Sea in English. The Complete Advice on Sincerity Sidi Ahmed Zarroq A penetrating work on self-analysis and reconstruction which lays the groundwork for Islamic revival through internal change.

Benefits of Surah Fath. Laqad haqqal qawlu ‘ala ak-tharihim fahum la yu’minoon. Then the hypocrites would say, with those of disease-ridden hearts, “God and His Messenger promised us only delusion. Some notes on the Points: Especially to recieve closebess to Allah and to ward off any evil preventing me from reaching my Lord. Ha Meem ‘Ain Seen Qaaf, himayatuna.