Cleaning tools.: 1. I’m sorry, please forgive me, I love you, Thank you -. The core of 4 phrases you say to bring you in. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. the moment of. What is the best way to start the cleaning? You may use the “I” Am the “I” tool by Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona. For more languages please visit the Foundation of . Corn ~ is another cleaning tool. Ho’oponopono advises us to love our food before we eat it, so love your corn and start having more of it.

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June 22, at 4: Kim Boehm April 2, at Designed by Regina Smola. So glad I looked at this and now have another cleaning tool. December 22, at I can’t begin to describe the changes I am feeling.

Oh, please do not run to the grocery store to buy it. I don’t recall clfaning and I did hear about it in one of the Zero Limits Seminar videos. You drink it and clean relationships with money or people around you. We have stickers, pins, bracelets. Work and do the cleaning…How is that possible?

5 Ho’oponopono Techniques for Clearing the Subconscious and Opening to the Divine

This is a way to ensure the action is coming from inspiration and not memory. Remember to change the water periodically throughout the day. September 12, at 7: Aqui esta el codigo para copiar y pegar en tu website: Following this, she was a graduate of the University with a degree in economy, apparently claning order to understand that she care about the numbers less than letters. We respect your privacy.


I want to attend your workshop and I think I would have a few interested friends attend it too – maybe we can talk over phone as well? It will solarize the water.

Wish you Peace and Miracles beyond comprehension! November 5, at A lo mejor cerraste puertas, asi otras se pueden abrir.

I have certain issues which i want to resolve and want to get rid of all confusions and lack of focus that i experience from time to time. Several years ago, I began to think that it would be great to get a name from clening Creator but …. Un hhooponopono muy fuerte.

Erika L Soul July 20, at 6: And then this morning Flor-di-lis seems to be like a trumpet. HI Rhonda, we can only clean and do this ho’oponopono practice in each moment as things come up, and if we clean for outcomes we will still be tied up.


I asked for the tool! I am using it and feel things lifting off of me. December 7, at 1: Anonymous November 2, at The more you clean, the more you receive inspiration from the Divine. Hola Gran Mujer y Maestra. But one tree whispered flor-dis-lis, I asked, why are you whispering it, they said the baby is sleeping. Thank you very much for sharing this tool Mabel!


When an algorithm gets online dating right December 26, Just a funny add comment. Ho’oponopono for the Doctor’s Soul.

Anonymous September 15, at Thank you and look forward to hearing back from you best hooponpoono Mimi. November 25, at 4: Graziana Barsocchi November 20, at July 31, at 5: Change this water twice per day or more often if you are feeling especially anxious, worried or upset.

Ho’oponopono Cleaning Tool

Now, more than ever, it is time to let go and clean. Let’s work together on breaking from the slavery of our Beliefs, Opinions and Judgments Just copy and paste the code below and put it on your websites, get others to do the same so we can create a LOVE Pandemic together. I have only been doing hooponopono for a week have read 3 or 4 books on it.