How To Pray [R. A. Torrey] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers . How to Pray is a riveting and compelling call to prayer. Pastor, educator. Table of Contents Preface to How to Pray Chapter 1 – The Importance of Prayer Chapter 2 – Praying Unto God Chapter 3 – Obeying and Praying Chapter 4 -. How can we learn to pray effectively? Renowned evangelist and Bible teacher R. A. Torrey says that there are key biblical principles which must be followed if w .

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The coming again of Jesus Christ is a subject that is awakening much interest and much discussion in our day; but it is one thing to be interested in the Lord’s return, and to talk about it, and quite another thing to be prepared for it.

She replied that she had not been definite in the matter. Then there is the increasing disregard for the Lord’s Day. I’m inspired to pursue a life of prayer, fasting and studying the Word of God with discipline and passion. The true method is explained in Rom. God demands that we shall believe His Word absolutely. And He is getting ready to work, and now He is listening for the voice of prayer.

It is not by seasons of mystical meditation and rapturous experiences that we learn to abide in Christ; it is by feeding upon His word, His written word as found in the Bible, and looking to the Holy Spirit to implant these words in our hearts and to make them a living thing in our hearts. It made me think about and look at prayer differently and stirred in my and excitement and respect for the awesome power of prayer.

But the abuse of this practice is no reason for neglecting it altogether. The latter are not so blunt and honest about it; they phrase it in more elegant and studied sentences; but it means the same.

But why is this constant, persistent, sleepless, overcoming prayer so needful? It is a shame that most people today have no understanding of how to pray.

If we would feed the fire of our prayers with the fuel of God’s Word, all our difficulties in prayer would disappear. I felt the author was a preachers who is very judgmental.


HOW TO PRAY by R. A. Torrey on The Importance and Method of Prayer

In two parables in the Gospel of Luke, Jesus teaches with great emphasis the lesson that men r.a.totrey always to pray and not to faint.

There is only one way by which we can rise triumphant above these things–by constant watching unto prayer, that is, by sleeplessness unto prayer. Look now at the church: Perhaps the man is entirely beyond our reach, but God hears the prayer, and in many a case it is not long before we hear of his definite conversion.

Sometimes He had no time to eat Mark 3: Why r.a.torreey we pray for a revival? I would, however, prefer E. The work spread beyond the bounds of Down and Antrim to the churches of the neighboring counties. Private prayer is followed with new zest. Simple, honest and Open After many years as a students t whose teaching GS were based on theology, Pra thought I could never be touched by the beautiful simplicity of this book.

Prayerlessness abounds among church members on every hand. When we come into God’s presence we should recognize “our infirmity,” our ignorance of what we should pray for or how we should pray for it, and in the consciousness of our utter inability to pray aright we should look up to the Holy Spirit, casting ourselves utterly upon Him to direct our prayers, to lead out our desires and to guide our utterance of them.

T pray for a revival. Christians do not average a dollar a year for foreign missions. Very interesting This bj has open my awarenesses to a lot of points in my life where I have to in crease and decrease when it come to pray. The result of that prayer- meeting we read of in the 2nd chapter of the Acts of the Apostles, prah were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance.

She was in agony for the land. I had barely entered the room, when r.a.torrey made out to say, ‘Pray, brother Finney. There is one more reason for constant, persistent, sleepless, overcoming prayer, and it is a mighty one: Also, the observation that Jesus hod before the major events in his life doesn’t much help if we have no way of knowing when such disasters will occur–He could anticipate His arrest, trial, and hoq, but for most of us anything even remotely like that comes unexpectedly.


The author then concludes this short book with a discussion of the need for a general revival 11something that is no less true today, as well as the place of prayer before and during revivals 12something which assumes that revivals are going to be present among a godly and healing congregation or area.

To pray then in the name of Christ is to pray on the ground, not of my credit, but His; to renounce the thought that I have any claims on God whatever, and approach Him on the ground of God’s claims. Howard Osgood, who is a real scholar and not a mere echo of German infidelity, once read a statement of some positions, and asked if they did not fairly represent the scholarly criticism of to-day, and when it was agreed that they did, he startled his audience by saying: The prayer that is born of meditation upon the Word of God is the prayer that soars upward most easily to God’s listening ear.

Take as an illustration of questions that are constantly coming up, the matter of theater going, dancing and the use of r.a.torreu.

How to Pray by R.A. Torrey

If any one of us would stop and think how many of the prayers which we have offered to God have been answered, and how seldom we have gone back to God to return thanks for the answers thus given, I am sure we would be overwhelmed with confusion. Prayer-meetings are no longer a duty, but become the necessity of a hungry, importunate heart. I notice most books on the topic of prayer always cover the Lord’s prayer almost in the entirety.

As Tp drew nearer and nearer to the cross, and realized that upon it was to come the great final test of His life, Jesus went out into the garden to pray. Any one who is nursing a grudge r.a.torrsy another has fast closed the ear of God against his own petition.

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