Linda Howe Offers The Perfect Prayer. Linda Howe More After a few minutes, let’s close the Records by reading the Closing Prayer out loud. How to Read the Akashic Records has ratings and 36 reviews. I am hugely indebted to Linda Howe for providing the roadmap that literally transformed my. Interview with Linda Howe on how you can use the records, and get Q2: I have been accessing the Akashic Records, and all of a sudden I.

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In this New Age of techniques and energies coming into the planet, the myriad information about the Akashic Records can be confusing to novices and even veteran students. I had problems reading it on my phone other than that excellent! The other thing I think that is really important is this: All of Life is held within the Records. I read the audio and the physical copy the very weekend that I had a chance to meet Linda Howe. In that part of the Prayer where we pray for protection: And then when you are conscious of it, you can make choices and decisions that will actually propel you in your purpose, and that gives you a lot more satisfaction.

No, it is not a bad idea. Within the Records there is a dimension that is called The Mystery of Life—things will happen that make no sense.

ho In a variety of venues — including Kripalu Center, Omega Institute, Infinity Foundation, and Daily Om, as well as the Linda Howe Center in Chicago — I can be found providing interesting and impactful perspectives, practices, and protocols to all who seek transformation and enlightenment in this lifetime.

I didn’t realize until I read this book that I was already going in and out of Akasha. Aug 28, Emily Judds rated it it was ok. There was so much that was wrong with this book. Jun 20, Heidi marked it as to-read.


Would recommend it as a “primer” for uowe with experience in the discipline of meditation. However, it does look like that there was lot of time spent on description, but not enough material for someone to apply the concepts and jump on it rightaway. Oct 03, Cecilia rated it it was amazing. It is ajashic service.

A Special Welcome to You from Dr. Linda Howe!

What is up with my teenage son? Posted on May 31, What role angels or spirit guides have in the Records? Posted on October 12, As readd hypnotherapist and shamanic teacher and student I had high hopes for the presentation of this material. I read this book at the beginning of my journey to the Akasha.

It is easier to see our own goodness when everything is going our way. Access to the Book of Life to help guide our choices? What I was told through my own work in the Records is that this meditation will support going deeper in the Records. When I open my own Records, sometimes I leave them open for hours at a time and go about my business. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

I highly ti this book to those who are ready to open The Records. I know as a person that it is really hard when you lose your job.

Akashic Records

But here is the big distinction. Imagine uncovering the truth of who you are and loving it fully ” living moment-to-moment completely fulfilled” remaining calm and steady while facing challenging situations.

The Records are not going too tell us do this or do that. I rated this book with four stars with some reservations. Posted on May 4, It can be sometimes startling.

Akasha: Everything you need to know about the Akashic Records (Linda Howe)

Basically the book is akaahic and clearly written. Join CJ as she interviews Linda Howe, an expert in the Akashic records and find out how you can use the records to figure out your life plan, give you insight and guidance to specific questions you have about your life, and heal the wounds of your past.


At the beginning I have some points of view quite different from the author; nevertheless when reading the rest of the book I started having a sense of peace and relax just reda reading.

I am not saying that they are not helpful. Linda is a fantastic teacher hoae her Pathway Prayer Process has always worked like a charm for me. Howe’s explanation of the Records is by far the most approachable one I’ve ever read and is beneficial for all readers; however, I do not recommend the book alone for beginners of trance work or ti the Records, themselves. This incarnation is one story of the many, many, many, many, many stories. Oh Holy Spirit of God, Protect me from all forms of self-centeredness And direct my recprds to the work at hand.

Once you have read the book your feelings will guide you into knowing what to do next. That we are surprised is part of the lesson. I found it really interesting. How can I help? How to relieve stress? On the Earth plane, it is very slow.

Once accessible to rare spiritual masters, now the Records are available to anyone—anytime, anywhere. We use cookies to understand how you use our site and to improve your experience.

You also want to know what you are supposed to get. There is no way around that. Straight forward in its explanations, instructions and simplicity. The Records will reveal that the reason I am having this difficulty in the present is because of something that happened 1, years ago on the other side of the globe.