Hi, Sorry wasn’t sure where best to post this, but I’ve just picked up on using Automator to copy and resize images for my website (great tool!). This workflow works for me. User uploaded file. The results. User uploaded file. Message was edited by: Frank Caggiano – Added screen shot. How to Watermark PDF Pages Using Quick Actions on Mac Running macOS Mojave. Step #1. Launch Automator on your Mac. (You can use Spotlight to quickly.

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Choose the “Workflow” option. Have to deal with PDFs more often than not? The AppleScript is this: Then, you have the option to adjust the offset, scale, angle, and opacity of the file.

Before adding your action, Automator will ask you if you want to add a “Copy Finder Items” action. All you need to do is drag and drop the test image onto the Watermark. You want to open up these images and add a custom image you’ve made, which will act as a watermark.

With that in mind, you can save a lot of time, because it only takes a couple of seconds to do them all! If adding watermark to PDFs is something you have to carry out more often than not, you will appreciate it as well.

To use it, follow these steps: The configured action should now look like this: A copy of the Originals folder will be made automagor likely named “Originals 2”. Let me demonstrate how it works! If yes, why not take the This process worked well, but you can see why I wanted to automate it: Lines establish usee draft.


If you ever decide to change the watermark images, you can do so without any hassle. Acorn will then open up each image in that folder, add the watermark to it, save the image, and close it. Your action should look similar to this now:. First, of course, we need a PDF file to use as our imprint.

To make things a bit faster, you can simply create yourself a little applet that watermarks your images in less than a second.

I could always make a duplicate beforehand and watermark it. It is one of the best tools to automate some of autommator more simple but repeatable tasks very quickly.

You can use Spotlight to quickly uxe it. We have selected the iDB logo for the watermarking and chose the bottom right position in the grid. The most important thing is its opacity setting.

And completed in a fraction of the time compared to doing this all by hand.

Pixelmator Tip #54 – How To Quickly Add Watermarks To Your Images

For our second action, we used our ninja watermark and placed it in the bottom right hand corner of the image provided. During his tight schedule, Jignesh finds some moments of respite to share side-splitting contents on social media. We left this to the default, which places the copied and watermark image onto the desktop. Weird things do happen in life, and if one day you, unfortunately, find yourself in a situation in which your iPhone shows message “iPhone You can do this by searching for “Acorn” in the search field, or choosing “Photos” from the Library column and finding it in the next column to the right.


This gives you the list of options available for Pixelmator, which we can automate. Click Add in wtermark action and then select suitable watermark image. The configured action should now look like this:.

A less than ideal, but still acceptable, solution would be one in which the original file gets watermarked and saved in place. Let us your thoughts about it in the comments below. There are some limitations to automator actions, and we will talk through those as we go through the tutorial. Now, select Contextual Workflow and click Choose. I recommend this too, so click on the blue Add button.

One-step watermarking service – All this

If you don’t have one handy, you can use the Flying Meat logo: Wtermark is our watermaro image with our pixelmator templates ninja watermark added using our automator action. Adding watermarks to photos is an invaluable tool for photographers who want to put a company logo or information on a photograph to share the proper credits that made the photo possible. When the dialog opens up, select the type of document you want to create.

Now tell Automator what to use as a watermark.

Then, select the watermark image link and click on Remove. The nice thing was that I knew this script would have most of what was needed to take me out of it. The icon is a robot holding a metal tube.