Hp B Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Hp B Technical Data Manual. Items are supplied with manuals, accessories and typically a full no-quibble 2 year warranty. Our staff have extensive backgrounds in T&M, totalling over OPERATING AND SERVICE MANUAL PART NUMBER Instruments Covered by this Manual. HP Model A Signal Generator with .

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Mnaual that the rating of the line mains fuse is appropriate for the line voltage being manua, see TABLE Only those who are thoroughly familiar with industry accepted techniques for handling static sensitive devices should attempt to service drcuUry with these devices.

Before beginning this check, verify that the Signal Generator is in local operation, and unaddressed by the controller. Set the Audio Analyzer as follows; Measurement Distortion 1 1. TnitialiTeH value and limits of the output amplitude increment are as follows: AM and FM with the same depth and deviation as selected previously are also selected using an external 5 kHz source.

Removal manuxl the Signal Generator top and bottom covers is required for most adjustments. Enter an appropriate graph title for your test.

HP 8656B Manuals

HP B HP Leave the carrier frequency set to MHz. HP System II module size: The nominal value or range of the components is shown. Table lists the paramaiers that have been loaded hpp this file. Use Pulse modulation normal mode for: This is stamped on the serial number plate attached to the rear panel of the instrument. Pulse Modidation is available as an option on the HP B only.

However, the frequency change that allows these events to be bypassed depends on an involved algorithm that is a function of frequency. Any attempt to send data to the Signal Generator delays bus operation until the execution is complete.


The Signal Generator remains addressed to listen until it receives an Abort message or a universal unlisten command from the controller.

8656B Synthesized Signal Generator, 0.1 to 990 MHz

Frequency accuracy and stability are dependent on the reference source being used, either the internal 50 MHz reference oscillator or an external source that operates at I, 5, or 10 MHz. In each case a finite amount of time passes from the command manual or computer generated until the required output occurs.

Refer to page The level should decrease in relatively uniform 5 dB steps.

During the FM calibration cycle caused by a frequency change, FM modulation is disabled if it was enabled. When notch filter adjustments are complete, return A4W4 to the lock position. Each is discussed in detail further on in this section.

Center Frequency Deviation kHz 0.

Frequency Increment on the measuring receiver is set by entering the numeric value in kHz and pressing the kHz up or down keys. In the Amptitude function, fading zeros are not counted.

Section 1 General Information, describes the instruments documented by this manual, it covers instrument description, options, accessories, spemfications, and other basic information. The Signal Generator must have a minute warmup. Connect the equipment as shown in Hgure Support for Your Product Agilent no longer sells or supports this product. With Pulse modulation fast modethe internal-leveling routine is calibrated directly into the load. An instrument manufactured gp the printing of this manual may have a serial prefix that is not listed on the title page.

Enter the numeric amplitude offset value, mahual then press the dsl key. Remove Fuse Holder with fingers. In the Amplitude function, leading leros are not counted. With Pulse Modulation normal modethe internal-leveling routine is calibrated into the attenuator. FM peak deviation Data entries are rejected if they would cause the selected carrier frequency to be out-of-range.


Press either the [am or FM key. To clear this error condition enter a new carrier frequency in the correct band for the selected Peak Deviation.

Hewlett-Packard B Signal Generator

Sub-Harmonics None None None. Data Message input 8665b. Both the flexible and reverse sequencing can be controlled via the HPIB codes shown. In local operation, the Signal Generator front-panel is fully operational, and will respond to the Remote message.

Full text of “HP: B B final”

The default display will be If the Signal Generator has been repaired or the heterodyne band of frequencies do not pass, the Optional Residual FM Test steps should be performed. During this time all front panel indicators and displays will light When the self-test is complete, the Signal Generator is set to the same conditions as when it was switched off.

Keystroke Sequence Press an internal Source key, the FM Function key, the desired Data keys, and a valid Units key you do not need to press an Internal Source key if you require a 1 kHz modulation rate.

Provides an additional copy of the Operation and Calibration Manual and two copies of the Service Manual.