This guide describes how to install iAtkos ML2. You can also use iAtkos ML3, an updated version that only works with motherboards with UEFI. There are multiple ways to install each version of Mac OS X on your PC; we’ve iAtkos ML2, iAtkos ML2 is a pirated “distro” of Mountain Lion that has been. The error says “Mac OS X cannot be installed on this computer.” I already have Snow Leopard at am. iATKOS L2 Installation Guide.

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Compared to Unibeast, Yosemite Zone is slightly easier to use, since it doesn’t require a real Mac or an extra Hackintosh. Boot using the iAtkos L2 dvd with the usb attached and then select the usb to boot right off of it 3.

How to install OS X Mountain Lion on your PC with iAtkos

Dario January 26, at Right now, the newest iteration of OS X is You don’t need a Mac to use Niresh. It also has a few more features, including built-in MBR support and some extra driver support. I’ve forgotten my password.

Unibeast is the most well-known and widely-supported Hackintosh installer app for Mountain Lion. Go To Topic Listing Asus. Now exit Disk utility and you should see customize on the bottom left hand side.

But for some reason iAtkos L2 detected the correct display setting instaloation like I said before only natively. I’m facing a big problem now but allow me share what I’ve done first. Wifi doesn’t work as the broadcom is not supported. Instead of using the boot loader the man suggests download Chimera 1.

Why can’t I install iAtkos L2 on my computer?

Hi all iam new to install mac on pc iam running win 7 and i want to install mac using iAtkos L2 installation i have burn the dvd when it boot its say to press any key to start the setup when i do after that it show white screen with apple log then nothing happens please help There are probably is an easier method to do gudie through the use of an application called ‘Transmac’ but this is the method I used. It’s also quite easy to use, but it includes a lot of features that Unibeast lacks, such as guive MBR support.


Uatkos 27 June – I am currently waiting for someone to come up with the Video Driver which is a GMA which has caused several headaches in the past editions of iAtkos v2 S3 and so on. As we need to use the ‘Disk Utility’ within mac to do this we need to use virtualisation on our windows PC to achieve this. I gave you a link to the thread where more than one people reported how they used transmac to convert successfully that specific.

You can also “manually” create a Hackintosh installer, by personally modifying a copy of the Mountain Lion installer. You do not need access to a Mac to use iBoot.

After that Windows won’t regconized the USB and even request for a formatting – just ignore it. Now run the Trackpad-Synaptic-Gesture http: Previous versions include The x display settings will ibstallation automatically detected but will have no hardware acceleration and will run natively. If you know any converter that’ll work well in Windows 7, please let me know.

Install iATKOS L2 (Lion 10.7.2) from USB using only Windows

Posted September 25, I used it once and Thanks for you guys’ terrific job! Create an account guids sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. You do not need access to a Mac to use ModCD. Download and install Chameleon on 2ad Partition MB However I purchased http: Using the Disk Utilities partition your HD.


The best job I encountered in my life! You need TransMac or a similar software to be able to access it’s contents. It should boot into OSX automatically.

Unibeast is also the most well-known and widely-supported Hackintosh installer app for Lion.

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However, the process is more complicated– iatios you already have Windows installed on your hard disk, you will probably have to erase it and start from scratch with this method. This part is the most important part of the entire installation and it must be done correctly: The easiest and most reliable way to dual-boot Mac OS X and Windows on a Hackintosh is to install the two operating systems on separate hard disks.

Below Partition layout i clicked drop down menu and selected 4 Partitions. I like to store the iso l I can do many things with it Run the ‘unlocker’ from here: Sign in with Twitter. Now you should be able to boot from the drive. What we want to do is effectively create a bootable USB installer. Insert your drive and now it should boot onto the drive.

Register a new account. Unlike Unibeast and myHack, you do not need a Mac to use iAtkos. Posted 06 April – Tony December 18, at 6: Ginga January 26, at 9: Burn the image of the iAtkos L2 onto a usb 2. Posted 07 April –