Siddiqui 1 Ibn Fadlan and the Land of Darkness: Arab Travellers in the Far North —A Short Essay Ahmed Ibn Fadlan was an Arab traveller from Baghdad, Iraq;. Ibn Fadlan was a 10th-century Arab Muslim traveler, famous for his account of his travels as a . Paul and Caroline Stone (trans.), Ibn Fadlan and the Land of Darkness: Arab Travellers in the Far North (London: Penguin Classics, ). The Political Divisions of Eurasia, PENGUIN CLASSICS IBN FADLAN AND THE LAND OF DARKNESS ibn fadlAn’s account of his journey from Baghdad to.

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Sometimes he has sex with one of them in front of the companions whom we have just mentioned, without coming down tbe his throne. Note on the Texts.

Ibn Fadlan and the Land of Darkness

The burial of a poor man If the dead man was poor, they build him a small boat and place him in it and set it on fire. Then they bury him. Their language sounds like the cries of starlings. We do know, however, that Ahmad Ibn Fadlan did four centuries earlier. The Arab geographers placed the lands north of the Caucasus in the Sixth and Seventh Climes, the northernmost of the seven divisions into which the globe was divided.

This is the custom among the great men of that land. Pious legend, it would seem, had already overtaken history. Many of the accounts seem a little cartoonish, but then again maybe something got lost in translation. She took off the two bracelets that she was wearing and gave them both to the old woman who is known as the [Angel of Death – she] who was to kill her.

There are wild four-footed animals as well They gather madder there and export it to other countries. This page was last edited on 27 Decemberat Several generations of scholars have worked on the identification of the non- Arabic place names in these texts, and most have been satisfactorily identified. I will give you a piece of good advice. These lands border a Black Sea shrouded with fog where sun never appears.


When we saw the reality with our own eyes, however, we realized that it was twice as bad as we had been told. That the earliest description we have of the Viking way of life – and death – should be written in the Arabic language may seem surprising.

Ibrahim offers an even more surprising comment on the markets of Mainz: A woman of the ansar asked the Messenger of God – may God bless him and save him! I saw the tunic he was wearing under the brocade. They were known by the name of al-Baranjar. As soon as this request reached the king of the Saqaliba, he hastened to marry his daughter to king Askal, who was subordinate to him, for fear that the king of the Khazars should carry her off by force as he had her sister.

Out of the East: On my entering, he invited me to sit down. They dressed him in anx, socks, boots, a tunic and a brocade caftan with gold buttons. All these women, whether free or slave, are kept in an isolated castle, where each of them has her own alcove roofed ladn teak, and each alcove is surrounded by faddlan pavilion.

If Yaqut did find the manuscript in Khurasan, it was in the nick of time. They have no religious bonds with God, nor te they have recourse to reason”.

Next, they bring his horses, no matter how numerous they may be, even a hundred or two hundred head, and kill og, down to the very last one, and eat their flesh. He has travelled widely in the Middle East and spent many years researching Arabic geographical literature in the Vatican Library in Rome. They fight every evening and have not failed to do so every night since they were first created.

He was not one of our people, nor was he an ordinary darknews.

Ahmad ibn Fadlan – Wikipedia

We went from Khwarazm to Jurjanlya, which is fifty farsakhs away by river. The river was in flood and had broken its banks. Abu Adrkness left in for unknown reasons, and found him in the town of Abhar in Iran. Each of us was wearing a tunic and over that a caftan, on top of that a cloak of sheepskin and over that again a felt outer garment, with a head covering that left only the two eyes visible.


This, of course, was extremely shocking to a Muslim, for Muslims prostrate themselves only before God. Approximate date of the foundation of Staraia Ladoga. Then they left him there and went away.

I saw cisterns in that country lagged with sheepskins, so that they would not crack or fdlan, but it did no good. A man dariness pursue one through the seams of his coat and crack it with his teeth.

His mission was simple: In the winter it is the reverse, the nights are twenty hours long and the days four hours long. Mas’udI on the Land of datkness Midnight Sun He is called the Great Lwnd, whereas his lieutenant is known as khaqdn beg. Ibn Fadlan came from a society where burying the dead was the custom while the Vikings preferred faddlan burn their dead because they did not want the body to be eaten by the insects.

The cold is so great at this time that if someone dies it is impossible to bury them until six months later, for the earth freezes as hard as iron and it is impossible to dig a grave. Doffing hats They all wear tall pointed hats. Enough oil comes out of their belly to provide lighting for a month and similarly half a mann or more of roe. The last Umayyad caliph, Marwan, leads an army of 40, into Khazar territory, but is driven back by torrential rains.