View Ibnu Tufail Research Papers on for free. Ibn Tufayl or Ibn Tufail (c – ), full name: Abu Bakr Muhammad ibn Abd al-Malik ibn Muhammad ibn Tufail al-Qaisi al-Andalusi أبو. Abu Bakr Muhammad ibn Tufail (also known by a Latinized version of his name, Abubacer Aben Tofail, –85 AD) was an Andalusian.

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Desiring to keep her marriage to her relative, Yaqzan, secret from her brother, she puts the baby carefully into a box and throws it into the sea, which carries him to an uninhabited island.

Ibn Tufail

Religion is for the masses: They were noted for their puritanical belief in the unity of God. The Muwahhids professed to be Ghazalians.

Based on the fact that he was sixty years old when he met Ibn Rushd Averroes in a. Not only was Hayy’s self or essence obliterated in this state, but so also ivnu everything other than the necessary being.

Ibn Tufayl

He anticipated the inductive method of modern science; perceived the inability of theoretical reason to solve the puzzle of the eternity and temporal creation of the world, and that of the inductive intellect to establish a necessary connection between cause and effect; and finally cleared the clouds of scepticism by declaring with Ghazali that the bond of causality is a synthetic act of God.

It is the story of Hayy, a man who grows up alone on an uninhabited island, and through the exercise of his reason, eventually reaches knowledge of the divine. It is transmitted through the same paths to the brain, where it is organized into a perceptive whole.


Philosophy, on the other hand, is a species of esoteric truth. Only preoccupation with the divine, which is rare among people of this kind, can provide such security. Request removal from index. Sign in Create an account.

Ibn Tufayl – Wikidata

This is the table of contents and introduction to “the Polished Mirror,” published by Oneworld: Though the scholarly elite was interested in philosophy, they pursued it in secrecy.

Ibn Tufail as a scientist as well as an artist exposes the issues of human anatomy, autopsy, and vivisection and, thereby, could be regarded as a SciArtist. Lastly, he must equip himself with the positive and negative attributes of God, viz.

The underlying aim is not only to show that philosophy is at one with religion properly understood, but that both the exoteric and the esoteric aspects of religion and philosophy are expressions of the same eternal truth revealed to individuals according to their intellectual capabilities.

As a physician, he was an early supporter of dissection and autopsywhich was expressed in his novel. Not earthly felicity, nor even divine vicegerency, but complete union with God is tufal summum bonum of ethics. Ibn Bajja’s views are said to be incomplete, mentioning the highest speculative state but not the state above it, that of ‘witnessing’ or mystical experience see Ibn Bajja.

The book addressed one of the main concerns of Muslim philosophers, the reconciliation of philosophy with revelation. The focal point of the story is that human reason, unaided by society and its conventions or by lbnu, can achieve scientific knowledge, iibnu the way to the mystical or highest form of human knowledge. This article abides by terms of the Creative Commons CC-by-sa 3.

He was succeeded by Abu Ya’qub Yusuf d. Social stability and protection, however, in no way secure happiness in the afterlife.


The Philosophy of ibn Tufail and His Treatise the Self-Taught Philosopher – World Digital Library

Remember me on this computer. But actually this beginning is meant merely to provide a background for showing the development of inductive intellect, independently of any social influence whatsoever. He, however, in the first instance, fails to see the wisdom implicit in the figurative languages of the Qur’an about God and the hereafter, and in the ihnu that it gives one to lead a worldly life – -a permission which is likely to turn one away from the truth.

Journal of Philosophical Investigations at University of Tabriz tkfail Bukhtishu family Ja’far al-Sadiq. Hayy’s ideas on materialism in the novel also have some similarities to Karl Marx ‘s historical materialism.

Hayy expressed interest in visiting the neighbouring island to explain to its people the pure truth. It abounds in similitudes, metaphors, and anthropomorphic notions, so that they might better accord with the people’s understanding, fill their souls with desire, and attract them to virtue and morality.

Fufail to the world becoming co-eternal with God, he maintains in a mystic strain that the world is not something other than God.

He also concluded that the thing in him which knew this cause must also be non-physical. Hayy is respected by the elders until he tries to go beyond the literal meaning of their Scripture. Absal, who knew their nature, reluctantly accompanied him. Essence and its vision are identical.