ICAO / Air Navigation. Global Plans. Global Air Navigation Plan (GANP). Air Navigation Priorities. Performance-based Navigation (PBN) · PBN Charting. The guidance material in this document for applications using aeronautical telecommunications net- work (ATN) should be used in conjunction with the ICAO . Doc – Manual of Air Traffic Services Data Link – ICAO. Views. 6 years . Doc – Global Air Traffic Management Operational Concept – ICAO.

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Learners are cautioned however that some competencies acquired through some non-formal learning may possibly not be recognised for pilot licensing purposes. Taking prompt corrective action when tolerances are exceeded. During integrated assessments, the assessor should make use of a range of formative and summative assessment tools methods and assess combinations of practical, applied, foundational and reflexive competencies.

Whenever possible, the assessment of knowledge, skills, attitudes and values shown in the unit standards should be integrated. Learners must complete all listed unit standards in one of these two categories: Available resources are determined for utilisation to achieve objectives. Vocabulary range and accuracy are usually sufficient to communicate effectively on common, concrete and work related topics.

Most of these competencies were incorporated into the “ground school related ” unit standards of this qualification which are mostly found in the fundamental component.

Federal Aviation Authority in America. Joint Aviation Authority in Europe. Learners must complete 86 credits from the elective component of the qualification.

Pilots operate in a complex, highly stressful time-critical environment that demands rapid application of acquired competencies. Moderation must include both internal and external moderation of assessments at exit points of the Qualification, unless ETQA policies specify otherwise.

This information shows the current accreditations i. The application of navigation principles is explained in the context of aviation. Annex 8 – Airworthiness of Aircraft. In this regard unit standards, where relevant, reflect the ICAO standards as purpose and range statement. Unplanned situations are recognised in order to inform and execute recovery actions.


Acting as a sole pilot or a member of a flight crew. A comprehensive comparison has been done with the ICAO Regulations and by implication this qualification has therefore been benchmarked with countries that are all signatories to ICAO.

ICAO Documents :: :: [AViation JOB opportunitieS] Consultanţă aeronautică

Noise Abatement Departure Profile. Demonstrate an understanding of the Law of Armed Conflict during multi-national operations. Aircraft Piloting Level 6, ID: Recognition of Prior Learning will be done by means of Integrated Assessment as mentioned above.

The respective manuals are: Integrated Assessment Assessment practices must be open, transparent, fair, valid, and reliable and ensure that no learner is disadvantaged in any way whatsoever, so that an integrated approach to assessment is incorporated into the qualification.

Performing appropriate checks and procedures. Perform advanced manoeuvres and procedures in an aeroplane. Moderation should also encompass achievement of the competence described both in individual unit standards as well as in the exit level outcomes described in the qualification. Advisory Circulars AC’s Whereas advisory circulars AC’s are issued to provide guidance and information in a designated subject area or to show a method acceptable to the Administrator for complying with a Federal Aviation Regulation, where they are in alignment with South African legislation, they were considered for incorporation into identified Unit Standards within this qualification.

Demonstrate understanding of South African Aviation law, International Civil Aviation Organization rules and procedures for small commercial aeroplane operations.

In order to fly an aircraft one must do so within the parameters of international regulations set by organisations such as the International Civil Aviation Authority ICAO. Priorities are determined taking into account influencing factors on aviation and flight. Technical manuals Technical Manuals provide guidance and information in amplification of the International Standards, Recommended Practices and PANS, the implementation of which they are designed to facilitate.

Can make limited use of discourse markers or connectors.

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It provides learners with opportunities for development and career advancement within the broader constituencies of the aerospace community that will contribute to providing a safe, secure and prosperous aerospace environment.


Piloting competencies and international qualifications are regulated by legislation and regulations.

Organising and managing oneself and one’s activities responsibly and effectively 99694 Demonstrating an understanding of the world as a set of related systems by recognising that problem-solving contexts do not exist in isolation when: The application and operation of radio navigation and communications aids is explained and utilised in aviation.

Operators operating into Europe complies with JAA. Demonstrate an understanding of the principles of operation and use of radio aids in air navigation. Identifying symptoms of instrument, system and engine malfunctions. These competencies are covered in this qualification by unit standards which deals with the limitations of human performance within the aviation environment and survival techniques.

Detailed documentary proof of educational qualification, practical training undergone, and experience gained by the applicant must be provided Portfolio of evidence.

This qualification provides for learners who are pursuing piloting careers within the aerospace industry and is one of several in a learning pathway that has been created. Perform helicopter take-offs, air taxi, hovering, landings and go-arounds. Comprehension is accurate on common, concrete and work related topics when the accent or variety used is sufficiently intelligible for an international community of users.

Significant principles also emerged, such as recognising and building on existing experience and standards rather than re-inventing them. Collectively these bodies determine international standards for aviation and therefore South Africa has to comply with at least these standards and recommended practises.

Competent in the exit level outcomes of the National Diploma: Qualifying learners will be able to: Aviation and flight related problems are identified and solved in a systematic manner. Circular Personnel licensing and training section Personnel Licensing and Training section is responsible for: