ICAO / Air Navigation. Global Plans. Global Air Navigation Plan (GANP). Air Navigation Priorities. Performance-based Navigation (PBN) · PBN Charting. The guidance material in this document for applications using aeronautical telecommunications net- work (ATN) should be used in conjunction with the ICAO . Doc – Manual of Air Traffic Services Data Link – ICAO. Views. 6 years . Doc – Global Air Traffic Management Operational Concept – ICAO.

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Training, Logistics, Research and Service. Significant principles also emerged, such as recognising and building on existing experience and standards rather than re-inventing them. Errors may occur, particularly in unusual or unexpected circumstances, but rarely interfere with meaning. Aviation Safety Action Programs.

Collecting, analysing, organising and critically evaluating information to better understand and explain: During the assessment of the practical components of this qualification the assessor must ensure that all underlying theoretical components are assessed in an integrated manner. Dc perception of the elements in the environment within a volume of time and space, the comprehension of their meaning, and the projection of their status in the near future.

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It also provides support efforts in national and regional security as well as support to peace support efforts and foreign aid missions. Collectively these bodies determine international standards for aviation and therefore South Africa has to comply with at least these standards and recommended practises.

Most of these competencies were incorporated into the “ground school related ” unit standards of this qualification which are mostly found in the fundamental component. The FAA “Practical Test Standards” are well developed, well documented and include; outcomes, assessment criteria and a range statement.


Knowledge | Pengetahuan ~ Electronic Note

Assessors must assess and give credit for the evidence of learning that has already been acquired through formal, informal and non-formal learning and work experience. Display an understanding of resource management in the context of aviation operations.

Advisory Circulars AC’s Whereas advisory circulars AC’s are issued to provide guidance and lcao in a designated subject area or to show a method acceptable to the Administrator for complying with a Federal Aviation Regulation, where they are in alignment with South African legislation, they were considered for incorporation into identified Unit Standards within this qualification.

Customers include the Federal Aviation Administrations staff and national and international companies.


These standards were incorporated in this qualification. Learners are cautioned however that some competencies acquired through some non-formal learning may possibly not be recognised for pilot licensing purposes.

Taking prompt corrective action when tolerances are exceeded. Aircraft construction is explained in terms of its influence on aircraft capabilities and limitations. These competencies are covered in this qualification by unit standards which deals with the limitations of human performance within the aviation environment and survival techniques. Initiates and maintains exchanges even when dealing with an unexpected turn of events. In the text purpose statements, qualification rules, ciaoany references to NQF Levels are to the pre levels unless specifically stated otherwise.

The uniform application by Contracting States of the specifications contained in the International Standards is recognized as necessary for the safety or regularity of international air navigation while the uniform application of the specifications in the Recommended Practices is regarded as desirable in the interest of safety, regularity or efficiency of international air navigation. Federal Aviation Authority in America. In this qualification the following practical test standards was incorporated into identified unit standards: A comprehensive comparison has been done with the ICAO Regulations and by implication this qualification has therefore been benchmarked with countries that icai all signatories to ICAO.


Perform pre-flight planning for helicopters. Perform night flying operations. Perform slow flight, stalls and spin recovery in an aeroplane. Human factors are evaluated in order to maximise performance. The relevant Primary or Delegated Quality Assurance Functionary should be notified if a record appears to be missing from here.

Pilots operate in a complex, highly stressful time-critical environment that demands rapid application of acquired competencies. Assessment competencies and subject matter experience of the assessor can be established by recognition of prior learning. Vocabulary range and accuracy icoa usually sufficient to communicate effectively on common, concrete and work related topics.

The Bureau develops technical studies for the Air Navigation Commission as well as recommendations for Standards and Recommended Practises SARP’s relating to safety, regulatory and efficiency of international air navigation for the Council.