Immanuel. Velikovsky. AGES IN CHAOS. VOLUME I. FROM THE EXODUS. TO KING AKHNATON. Doubleday. & Company,. Inc. GARDEN. Ages In Chaos Volume I From the Exodus To King Akhnaton by Velikovsky, Immanuel and a great selection of similar Used, New and Collectible Books. Peoples of the Sea – Ages of Chaos III – Immanuel Velikovsky – Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free.

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Immanuel Velikovsky was a Russian-born American independent scholar, immanusl known as the author of a number of controversial books reinterpreting the events of ancient history, in particular the US bestseller Worlds in Collisionpublished in He also proposed a revised chronology for ancient Egypt, Greece, Israel and other cultures of the ancient Near East.

The revised chronology aimed at explaining the so-called “dark age” of the eastern Mediterranean ca. He began by claiming that the Exodus took place not, as orthodoxy has it, at some point during the New Kingdombut at the fall of the Middle Kingdom.

Although they share some common ground veliokvsky Velikovsky in terms of their criticisms of the orthodox chronology there are chais important differences. But he differs from Velikovsky in bringing im,anuel of these characters down into the seventh century BC, to be in line with stratigraphic evidence presented by Gunnar Heinsohn.

The records of these two visits show the same events and the same gifts exchanged. These generally accept the synchronisms and character identifications proposed by Velikovsky in Ages in Chaos.

Despite the crazy idea of the book, immanuel velikovsky is genius it’s the most sagacious book i have ever read The problem with ancient history is that our reconstruction of it requires an immense amount of guess work, and the further back in history that we go, the foggier it becomes.

Infollowing the much-postponed publication of further volumes in Velikovsky’s Ages in Chaos series, the United Kingdom-based Society for Interdisciplinary Studies organised a conference in Glasgow specifically to debate the revised chronology.

The foundation is sound. Jun 23, Cathryn Louis rated it really liked it Shelves: The basic argument is that somehow I didn’t pick up how the accepted chronology of ancient Egypt includes a non-existent year period.

A second volume was due for publication chwos after this but was postponed agfs expanded into four volumes, two of which Peoples of the Sea and Ramses II and his time were published in the two years preceding his death, and two of which remain unpublished in print Afes Assyrian Conquest and The Dark Age of Greece —however the manuscripts have long been available via the http: With all those lovely star maps on the walls velikovksy found, Egyptologists just had to use them, so they took a stab at an unidentifiable proper name and stated firmly that this guessed identification had to be the time that matched the maps.


This is because the amount of literature that has come down to us from that period becomes much less. NO significant chips, tears or sun discolor. Velikovsky is right, this volume is the greatest contribution to the investigation of ancient times ever written. Far from slavishly championing Velikovsky’s chronology, these scholars believe that Velikovsky did not go far enough.

Ages in Chaos volume 1 from The Exodus to King Akhnaton, Cosmological interpretation of mythological source material, compelling theory, very controversial in its time, now considered at least a plausible possibility.

Book is Near Fine to Fine. Changed the game in geology! The Ipuwer Papyrus was agges dated to approximately years before the conventional date of the Exodus BCE. Summary Discuss Reviews 0 Ages in Chaos is a book by the controversial writer Immanuel Velikovsky, first published by Doubleday inwhich put forward a major revision of the history of the Ancient Near East.

Garden City, New York: Cameron rated it it was amazing Jun 26, Eventually I said ‘sod it’ and decided to flip through the bits on Akhenaten which genuinely does interest me and call it a day.

Tight book with no marks or stamps. In fringe science expert Henry H.

Ages in Chaos: A reconstruction of ancient history from the Exodus to King Akhnaton

Lightly worn around the edges. Currently, the majority guess places it in the time of Ramses II, a strong, stable society unlikely to allow the escape of a horde of slaves.

Bound in the original black cloth, gilt-lettered over a blue panel on the spine. This is why the histories of Egypt and of the Jewish people don’t match up. Velikovsky is not the only scholar who dares to question the accepted history with regards to the Biblical and the Egyptian history, as David Rohl also goes down that path with his book, though I will not necessarily discuss this here as I also intend to write a commentary on that book.


I loved this book because it adds context to the scriptures from contemporary sources, makin For years scholars have said that the Old Testament is myth because they cannot find any corroborating evidence for the calamities of Moses’ Egypt in the Egyptian sources. The idea is that accepted time lines are out of step and the events recorded did happen but earlier. Nonetheless, his books often sold well and gained an enthusiastic support in lay circles, often fuelled by claims of unfair treatment for Velikovsky by orthodox academia.

The Assyrian Conquest and The Dark Age of Greece ; these were never published in print in English, but online versions are available at the Velikovsky archive. I loved this book because it adds context to the scriptures from contemporary sources, making the OT much more understandable and enjoyable.

Ages in Chaos | The Velikovsky Encyclopedia

Funerary styles and styles of jewelry disappear for six centuries and then reappear in another place. He certainly seemed to follow the approach of most fringe theorists Erich von Daniken and Gavin Menzies are also offenders of declaring that because a piece of evidence might conceivably demonstrate such-and-such, it proves such-and-such.

Ipuwer wrote his account at the end of the Middle Kingdom, a time which included the death of their pharaoh by drowning, followed by their conquest by the Hyksos and the Egyptian Dark Ages.

Jun 07, DeeJay rated it it was amazing. This book covers the period dealt with in Worlds in Collision — the eight hundred years from the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt to the invasion of Palestine by Sennacherib in before the present era, and the additional three and a half centuries to Alexander of Macedonia, altogether twelve hundred years of the history of the ancient East.

Yet when one goes into the world of accepted scholarship one tends to encounter a group of people who are so set in their ways that any major change to any accepted theory is met with huge amounts of resistance.

They have also rejected some of Velikovsky’s more extreme claims e. The Velikovskian, Back Issues and Articles. S N Books Ltd Condition: