Dive deep into Albert Speer’s Infiltration with extended analysis, commentary, and discussion. Inside Himmler by Walter Laqueur Published: October 4, INFILTRATION By Albert Speer. Translated by Joachim Neugroschel. pp. New York. Berthold Konrad Hermann Albert Speer was a German architect who was, for most of World He wrote a third book, Infiltration, about the SS. Speer died of a.

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But it is also true that any decision of major importance could not be taken without consulting the Fuhrer. The relationship was frowned upon by Speer’s class-conscious mother, who felt that the Webers were socially inferior.

Along the Strasse des My Altercations with the S. Hitler appointed Speer as head of the Chief Office for Construction, which placed him nominally on Hess’s staff.

He is truly a genius with organization. He can interfere in all departments. Want to Read saving…. Articles and topics related to Albert Speer.

Production of German fighter aircraft was more than doubled from to Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Acting with Hitler’s consent, Himmler would have made the SS independent of state and party. Werner von Blomberg Wilhelm Keitel. Its aim was to ensure the preservation and growth of fighter aircraft production.

Diary entry made on Nov, 20, Speer was Adolf Hitler ‘s chief architect before assuming ministerial office. On February 8,Minister of Armaments Fritz Todt died in a plane crash shortly after taking off from Hitler’s eastern headquarters at Rastenburg.

Nazism outside of Germany.

This may be more common in German publishing, but the fact that the American publisher left it in is a testament to their perception that a new Speer book would sell well, no matter how rambling and dull it was. Looking it over again, I think it might be more interesting than I thought.



Soon after Hitler had given me the first large architectural commissions, I began to suffer from anxiety in long tunnels, in airplanes, or in small rooms. Speer sent Hitler a bitter letter, concluding with an offer of his resignation. Infiltration by Albert Speer. Robert Randall rated it really liked it Aug 03, Nicholas Massa rated it really liked it Sep 20, At the same time, Milch took steps to rationalise production by reducing the number of variants of each type of aircraft produced.

Account Options Sign in. The German and Soviet pavilion sites were opposite each other. Over these departments was a central planning committee headed by Speer, which took increasing responsibility for war production, and as time went by, for the German economy itself. All the while plans to build a new Reich chancellery had been underway since Open Preview See a Problem?

Speer no doubt tried to be fair and to understand what really happened. Lists with This Book. Speer overcame these difficulties by centralizing power over the war economy in himself.

Albert Speer

Among those who pledged support for his sentence to be commuted were Charles de Gaulle[] U. Speer began his architectural studies at the University of Karlsruhe instead of a more highly acclaimed institution because the hyperinflation crisis of limited his parents’ income. Speer was not quite clear in his mind what was wrong with Nazism – except, of course, that it committed certain barbaric excesses and frequently made irrational decisions.

However, Speer was able to have his writings infiltrtion to Wolters as infiltrattion result of an offer from a sympathetic orderly, and they eventually amounted to 20, sheets.

INFILTRATION: The SS and German Armament by Albert Speer | Kirkus Reviews

Paul rated it it was ok Jun 24, Speer died of a stroke in while visiting London. Speer was found guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity, though he was acquitted on the other two counts. By clicking on “Submit” you agree that you have read and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. More seriously, Speer perceived Himmler as a daily threat to his position and, on occasion, as a threat to his life most chillingly, when a secret SS man attended him in the hospital. Speer claimed after the war that he had been shocked by the conditions there 5.


Measuring the path’s distance carefully, he set out to walk the distance from Berlin to Heidelberg. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

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Inside Himmler – INFILTRATION By Albert Speer

His memoir of that, emphasizing his relationship with Hitler, was published as Inside the Third Reich. Hitler’s order, by its terms, deprived Speer of any power to interfere with the decree, and Speer went to confront Hitler, reiterating that the war was lost.

Frequently Nazism was quite rational and methodical in the pursuit of its aims. An observer at the trial, journalist and author William L. The task force immediately began implementing plans to expand the use of slave labour in the aviation manufacturing. Books by Albert Speer. McCloy[] and former Nuremberg prosecutor Hartley Shawcross.

He later wrote that in mid, he was told by Hanke by then Gauleiter of Lower Silesia that the minister should never accept an invitation to inspect a concentration camp in neighbouring Upper Silesiaas “he had seen something there which he was not permitted to describe and moreover could not describe”.

Major defendants at the Nuremberg trials.