The TRIGEN™ INTERTAN nail was designed as a trochanteric portal intramedullary nail especially shaped for fractures of the proximal femur. The. INTERTAN. Objectives. To compare the long-term functional and radiographic outcomes of the proximal femoral nail antirotation-Asia (PFNA-II) and. The goal of this study was to compare the outcomes of unstable trochanteric fractures treated with the InterTan nail (Smith & Nephew, Memphis, Tennessee) and.

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If there nwil disagreements between two authors, consensus was reached through discussion. Too-anterior hip screw placement inteertan avoided. Agrawal P, et al. Placement of a secondary point intertqn fixation into the femoral neck and head reduces the chances of rotation but adds the secondary concern of Z-Effect. A prospective cohort study have clearly shown that the IT is comparable to the Gamma 3 nail system in terms of HHS, time to union and implant-related complication rate for unstable intertrochanteric fractures Furthermore, although the PFNA-II bypasses the lateral wall and acts as a prosthetic lateral cortex medial to the broken lateral wall, it ihtertan a weaker compression and antitorsion capacity of the fracture line and is less effective in resisting vertical and longitudinal displacement compared with the IT.

Patient-related functional outcomes were evaluated based on the Harris hip score. The present meta-analysis was conducted to explore whether 2-screw intramedullary nail provided better clinical outcomes as did 1-screw nailing system used in intertrochanteric fractures. Methods A retrospective comparative study was performed in our institution. Closed reduction of fractures was performed under fluoroscopic guidance.


TRIGEN INTERTAN Intertrochanteric Antegrade Nail | Smith & Nephew – Corporate

Feb 6 ;95 3: Mundi S et al. Patients with intertrochanteric fractures Intervention: Injury ; 46 Suppl 6: Flow chart of the trial selection process was presented in Fig. Excessive varus forces placed on the smaller screw at the lateral cortex cause it to toggle and either back out or migrate through the femoral head into the acetabulum.

For more information, please contact your local sales representative. INTERTAN provides significantly greater fracture compression and reduced femoral shortening than a helical blade cephalomedullary nail. Outcome of intertrochanteric fractures treated by intramedullary nail with two integrated lag screws: Rueger J, Moore C.

Similar mortality rates in hip fracture patients over the past 31 years: Only published clinical studies were included; the included studies were required to contain at least one main patient reported outcome. Similar mortality rates in hip fracture patients over the past 31 years: Although, IT shows less implant cut-out and femoral fractures.

I have been using a single screw IM device for the last 20 jntertan and have intetran to have one cut out.

How is INTERTAN different?

Trapezoidal nail shape Small proximal diameter of the nail The Itnertan was used to assess the functional outcome of the patients. Acta Orthopaedica ; 85 1: Initially, citations were identified from electronic journals databases, of which records were removed by primary screening.


The IT nail system, introduced inhas been reported to withstand higher loads in previous biomechanical study compared with 1-screw nailing system Hip Int ; Our mechanical testing data reveals no significant stress riser occurring at that point.

Statistical analysis and data synthesis Meta-analyses was performed with Review Manager 5.

Hip fracture in seniors: Patient demographics and outcomes. Proximal Femoral Nail Antirotation. Length inrertan hospital stay Five articles with patients showed the outcome of length of hospital stay.

Mid-term outcomes after intramedullary fixation of peritrochanteric femoral fractures using the new proximal femoral nail antirotation PFNA. Rueger J, Moore C.

TRIGEN INTERTAN Nail | Smith & Nephew

Mechanical testing of the two screw construct was stopped atcycles with no evidence of implant cut integtan, further reinforcing the INTERTAN nail philosophy.

The INTERTAN nail turns that construct upside down and integrates the two screws so that they act as one device to bear all load, enact all compression and prevent excessive medial or lateral migration thus negating the Z-Effect. J Bone Joint Surg Br.

This information is intended for health care professionals only. All tests were two-tailed. Cephalo-medullary nail fixation of intertrochanteric fractures: Erez O, Dougherty PJ.