Intoxicación por paraquat: descripción de un caso clínico Paraquat poisoning: a case .. Early Pulomonary Irradiation in Paraquat (Gramoxone) Poisoning. El paraquat es el agente más importante de la familia de los biperidilos. Es directamente cáustico en la naturaleza, su actividad es herbicida mediante la. Política de cookies. Utilizamos cookies propias y de terceros para mejorar nuestros servicios y mostrarle publicidad relacionada con sus preferencias mediante.

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All adsorbents were synthesized by hydrothermal method using rice husk silica. Both adsorbents were then used in combination ultrafiltration UF membrane as pretreatment gramoxoone the removal of paraquat and linuron from water. We interviewed farmers in Korea in We examined a novel method of PQ administration: A method is described for the autoradiographic localization of paraquat in rats.

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The suicidal purpose was particularly strong among men aged years. Christian; Pattee, Oliver H. De resultaten van de literatuurstudie worden samengevat in een overzicht van de bepalingsmetboden van paraquat en diquat in groenten en fruit e.

The rats were orally treated with distilled water 2? Terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase-mediated dUTP nick end labeling staining showed that the number of apoptotic cells was reduced in the paraquat and ulinastatin groups. We found that paraquat readily undergoes redox cycling in both undifferentiated and differentiated keratinocytes, generating superoxide anion and hydrogen peroxide as well as increased protein oxidation which was greater in differentiated cells.

Altogether 21 patients with acute poisoning 4 hours after PQ ingestion treated in the period of October to September were retrospectively reviewed. Toxicological responses on cytochrome P and metabolic transferases in liver of goldfish Carassius auratus exposed to lead and paraquat.

Para evaluar la magnitud del problema del plomo es necesario definir tres elementos clave: Thirdly, targeted inactivation of this receptor in glutamatergic neurons GNs markedly enhanced the survival of Drosophila exposed to either Gramoxxone or neurotoxic levels of DA, whereas, conversely, DAMB overexpression in these cells made the flies more vulnerable to both compounds. The USA also achieved the highest number of publications involving international collaboration, with 55 publications, followed by the UK, with 18 publications.


Paraquat is an herbicide commonly used in Colombia with a known toxic potential. Efeito de doses reduzidas de glyphosate e paraquat simulando deriva na cultura do milho Effect of reduced rates of glyphosate and paraquat simulating drift in corn crop.

Efectos del herbicida Paraquat sobre el zooplancton Effects of Paraquat herbicide on zooplankton. This suggests a model for DA receptor-mediated potentiation of PQ-induced neurotoxicity. Envenenamiento de Chelydra serpentina Reptilia: Paraquat is a nonselective contact herbicide of great toxicological importance, being associated with high mortality rates, mainly due to respiratory failure.

Muertes por homicidio, consecuencia fatal de la violencia: Both products were sprayed at doses of g ha Kntoxicacion the middle stage of poisoning dall 6 cases showed ground-glass opacity, mosaic attenuation; 6 cases showed pulmonary consolidation; 4 cases showed subpleural lines; 4 cases showed bronchiectasis; 2 cases showed mid-lower pleural effusion. The snake was brought to the medical consult and identified as a Thamnodynastes cf. Hypokalaemia was detected on admission in 9 patients.

In this case, none of the strategies worked well, and death ensued due to multi-organ dysfunction syndrome. Effects of paraquat on Escherichia coli: Endonuclease IV of Escherichia coli is induced by paraquat.

The ability of melatonin as a protective and detoxifying agent against paraquat -induced oxidative damage in rat lungs and liver was examined. The presence of pollen in the diet was infoxicacion correlated with a reduced prevalence of Nosema and viral pathogens. Bosentan can reduce inflammation factor release.

There was no difference between the two cell lines in the uptake of. All dogs presented with tachypnoea and dyspnoea 2—3 days after accidental paraquat ingestion.

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The normal conditions of pea colonization by methylobacteria were characterized by a decrease in the activity of antioxidant enzymes superoxide dismutase, catalase, and peroxidases and in the concentrations of endogenous H2O2, proline, and malonic dialdehyde, which is a product of lipid peroxidation and indicator of damage to plant cell membranes, and an increase in the activity of the photosynthetic apparatus the content of chlorophylls a, b and carotenoids.


Despite increased paraquat entry into neonatal brain, we could find no evidence for paraquat -induced neuronal cell damage following a detailed histopathological examination of perfused-fixed brains. In order to determine the quality of lipidic fraction of soybean seeds from plants submitted to paraquat application, the composition and chemical indices of three crude extracts and one refined oil were studied.

He was dismissed from the hospital and observed at home during five days with marked improvement of envenomation.

Neuronal cell death induced by oxidative stress is correlated with numerous neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer’s disease ADParkinson’s disease PDand stroke. Curcumin attenuates paraquat -induced cell death in human neuroblastoma cells through modulating oxidative stress and autophagy. Pesticide suicide mortality halved from 5. All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

Short term paraquat treatment dose-dependently induced deficits in locomotion, sucrose preference and Gramoxoone performance.

Intoxicación por paraquat

Dynamic CT scan showed no obvious pulmonary fibrosis. The Length of hospital stay was 5. This study essentially provides a readily accessible fluorescent system for PQ sensing which is cheap, robust, and technically simple, and it is envisaged to find more interesting clinical and environmental applications.

A total intoxicscion 80 patients with acute paraquat poisoning who were admitted to our hospital were enrolled as study subjects and randomly divided into routine treatment group 38 patients and traditional Chinese medicine TCM group 42 patients.