Baur, Jürgen (), Investmentgesetze 2. Teilband, 2nd edition Busack, Michael and Stefan Sohl (), ‘Hedgefonds in Deutschland-Ein Marktüberblick’ . 4a. the Bundesrepublik Deutschland – Finanzagentur GmbH ; the Investment Act (Investmentgesetz – InvG) and German branches of similar. the Securities Trading Act, the German Investment Act (Investmentgesetz), the Maritime Workers” (Deutsche Rentenversicherung Knappschaft-Bahn-See).

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If a small mutual association section 53 does not have a supervisory board, the trustee is appointed deutdchland the management board. The following permissible calculation methods for the supplementary capital adequacy requirements:.

Sections 70 to 76 apply only to life insurance, health insurance of the type mentioned in section 12 and private compulsory long-term care insurance in accordance with section 12f.

To meet the qualification investmentgeestz, the trustee must dispose of adequate legal knowledge, relating in particular to the field of life insurance.

There are different types of public investment funds a KVG may launch, in particular:. Before cooperating with another person, the obliged entity shall satisfy itself of the reliability of such person, and during the course of the cooperation satisfy itself of the appropriateness and propriety of the measures adopted by such other person by means of spot checks. Sections 58 and 59 do not apply to public law insurance undertakings established under the laws of the individual federal states and subject to their supervision, for which additional requirements with respect to the auditing of the annual accounts in accordance with section k of the Commercial Code have been imposed under the laws of the individual federal states.

Entering the German investment market as a non-German asset manager

Indirectly held participating interests shall be fully attributed to the persons and undertakings holding the indirect participating interest. For obliged entities defined in section 2 1 nos. These generally include precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum, precious stones, jewellery and watches, works of art and antiques, motor vehicles, ships, motor boats and aircraft.

If unobjectionable, before the above period expires, it shall send the following to the supervisory authority of the member state or EEA state:. The contracting party shall disclose to the obliged entity whether it intends to establish, continue or carry out the business relationship or transaction on behalf of a beneficial owner.

Reviewing applications can be fun and only takes a few minutes. Sentences 1 and 2 do not apply to death benefit funds; section 13 3 applies to these, with the proviso that it is applicable to all activities abroad. The plan deutachland explain how the undertaking intends to ensure its ability to meet the solvency requirements in the near future.

If the trustee finds that premium increases or reductions are necessary wholly or partly for a tariff, and if no agreement on this can be reached dfutschland the undertaking, the trustee shall immediately inform the Supervisory Authority. This also applies to measures taken in accordance with section 81 2 sentence 1, section 83a, section 87 4 sentence 2, sections 87a and 89, also in conjunction with sections h, 3section d 2 and 3section b 4 and 5as well as section which describe restructuring measures subsection 3 below ; if the notification specified above cannot be made in such cases, the supervisory deutschlqnd must be immediately informed as soon as the measure has been ordered.


The percentage rate defined in sentence 2 above shall increase by two percent annually, from the financial year of the insurance undertaking beginning inuntil it reaches percent.

The provisions of sections a to h shall apply for the first time to the accounts for the financial year beginning after 31 December In such cases, the provisions of this Act with regard to the supplementary supervision of financial conglomerates shall apply accordingly.

If unobjectionable, the Supervisory Authority shall forward the information submitted in accordance with subsection 2 to the competent authorities of the other member state or EEA state within three months of receiving it, and shall inform the pension fund accordingly. The delegation of any Master-KVG activity has to be mentioned in the prospectus of a public mutual fund.

Managers are those natural persons appointed by virtue of law or the memorandum and articles of association or as authorised agents of a branch in a member state of the European Community or another signatory to the EEA Agreement to manage the business affairs and represent the insurance undertaking.

If a title is obtained against the authorised agent, it is possible to execute against the assets of all underwriters of the Lloyd’s association of underwriters managed by him and located in Germany. You can request verification for native languages by completing a simple application that takes only a couple of minutes.

BaFin – Acts – Money Laundering Act

If the senior representative body is the general assembly of members, section 3 of the Stock Corporation Act also applies accordingly. They must also indicate the name of the sponsoring company and the main characteristics of the occupational pension scheme to be operated for this company.

Vote Promote or demote ideas. If an insurance undertaking abuses of the possibility under section 2 as lead insurer to have insurance undertakings from other member states of the European Community or other signatories to the EEA Deutscnland participate in co-insurance contracts, the Investmdntgesetz Authority may give any order necessary to remedy the abuse with respect investmsntgesetz this insurance undertaking.

In the Investment Management Agreement, the asset manager represents and warrants that he is familiar with the applicable legal requirements for managing a German fund including any BaFin Investmentgesetx in this respect and undertakes to abide by these rules.

Such authority may determine that the provisions of subsections 1 and 2 shall be applied due to a risk-based approach to individual or groups of obliged entities as defined in section 2 1 based on the type of business they conduct and the size of the business operation, taking into account the vulnerability of such business or business operation to misuse for money laundering and deuhschland financing purposes.

As far as the companies to be included in the calculation of own funds at conglomerate level are concerned, own invfstmentgesetz are deemed to be those elements which are eligible elements in accordance with the provisions of this Act deufschland those contained in the Banking Act. For the calculation of the minimum amount of other restricted assets, amounts up to 50 percent of the outstanding premiums that have become dwutschland during the last three months from primary insurance business and reduced by the valuation allowance may remain unconsidered.


Objections to and actions to annul measures taken in accordance with section 1b 4 sentence 1 and subsection 5section 58, section 66 3section 81 2 in conjunction with section 5 1 or section 7 2section 81b 1 sentence 2, subsection 2 sentence 2, subsection 2a sentence 5, subsections 2b2c and 4sections 83, 83a, 87 1 nos.

Any subsequent limitation of subordination and subsequent reduction of the periods with respect to term and termination are prohibited.

Each Master-KVG has its own standards, and liability is always a contentious point. New inestmentgesetz may no longer be written; the existing policies may not be increased or renewed. In the course of the implementation of the AIFMD, the importance of risk management has been significantly upgraded.

The power to issue orders in accordance deutchland sentence 1 also applies with respect to insurance holding companies within the meaning of section a 2 invesmtentgesetz. They may delegate this power by regulation to the supervisory authority of the individual state.

To ensure full coverage of the provisions, an agreement must be concluded between the employer and the pension detuschland, which is subject to approval by the Supervisory Authority. As regards the coverage of risks pursuant to no. A Master-KVG can delegate the management of a whole fund, a segment of the fund, or merely certain functions 4such as transition management. The premium reduction in accordance with sentence 1 above may nivestmentgesetz limited to prevent the premium of the insured from falling below the level paid at the initial age at entry; the unused portion of the amount credited shall be credited additionally in accordance with subsection 2 above.

The editorially approved PONS Invesmtentgesetz Dictionary with text translation tool now includes a database with hundreds of millions of real translations from the Internet.

For the purpose of business referred to in sentence 3, the insurance undertakings may also grant guarantees for capital protection and minimum return guarantees in connection with such management. This does not apply to branches of insurance undertakings from non-member states within the meaning of 1 and 2or in the cases referred to in section d. It shall communicate its decisions to the court of registration.

In the cases set forth in section 4 4 sentence 1 no. Section 14 1 sentences 2 to 4 and subsection 1b apply accordingly.

To the extent that life insurance undertakings and Pensionskassen are active in occupational retirement provision business, they must also provide information in accordance with part D section III of the Annex to beneficiaries who are not themselves policyholders.