Issa G. Shivji is one of Africa’s leading experts on law and development issues. Shivji has served as advocate of the high court and the Court of Appeal of. Issa Shivji is one of the great public intellectuals of postcolonial Africa. He was a law student () at the University of Dar es Salaam. A Theoretical Framework by Issa G. Shivji (). The Concept of Human Rights in Africa (Codesria Book Series) by Issa G. Shivji ().

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Introduction to the edited book The State and the Working People in Tanzania CODESRIA, which has chapters showing the transformation of the Shivjj state to authoritarianism establishing its ideological and organizational hegemony over the working people and predicting a re-awakening of mass politics.

The article argues for a protracted democratisation Tasks of a lawyer-intellectual more. Shicji few months after he had thrown out students from the Hill for demonstrating against the state inhe visited the campus. I have never regretted spending the whole of my working life at the Hill. Education and Knowledge more.

Village reflections and dearth of the reading culture. University of East Africa LL. Both peace and prosperity in this part of the world depend strategically on peace, stability and prosperity in the DRC. Skip to main content. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources.

Debates themselves were not esoteric but related to the struggle for what we called the African Revolution. We had isssa brilliant young lecturers like Sol Piccioto who invited faculty from other disciplines — John Saul, Walter Rodney and others — to give lectures in this course.


The Federation of Great Lakes Region more. We argued that law should be taught in its social, economic and historical context. Tunajifunza nini kutoka kwa uongozi wa Fidel Castro? There was a lot of intellectual activity. Tafakuri ya Miaka 50 ya Uhuru November more. Historically, fromthe land tenure system shifji Tanzania — the right of occupancy system — was premised on the principle that land security was dependent on use.

Class Struggles in Tanzania Ussa 01, Does it lead to its marginalization — pushed back on smaller pockets of land, living mainly from agrarian production for own subsistence coupled with pockets of off-farm employment— or its proletarianization, or shjvji

Reflections: An interview with Issa G Shivji | Pambazuka News

Once the State and State positions become the vehicle, or the means, for accumulation, political rents come into their own; separation between economics and politics, however threadbare, which is the basis for political legitimacy and the popular perception that the State is neutral over the divisions of civil society, is grossly compromised; instability sets in; the democratic pretensions of liberal democracy— which in any case is incongruent with the actually existing conditions — are exposed.

Second, the peasantry remains inherently insecure about land use: Twiga Karudi, machozi yanamtiririka more. SocialismJulius NyerereUjamaaand Panafricanism. We also had an optional course, called Law and Development, given by Robert Seidman. Ethnicized Citizenship as Illegitimate Citizenship. We have now more or less completed our research — if you can ever complete a research of this kind — and have now started the process of writing.


Thus the donor factor has become pretty dominant. But we have to go beyond. Three Generations of Constitutions in Africa: Kwa Nini Watu Wangu Wanateswa more.

An Interview with Nancy Fraser. More recently, land itself has suddenly become important for multinationals for the agro fuel industry. I think it was E. In fact, the land policy says that vesting of the radical title in the President had served well for the past seventy years and therefore there was no need to change it.

A Life of Critical Engagement: An Interview with Issa Shivji

I now think that in its essentials that argument was basically correct, although the formulations sometimes tended to be somewhat absolutist and not nuanced enough. Remember me on this computer. Intellectuals at the Hill: How did these changes affect Mlimani?

The right that was given was the right to occupy and use land. Documentaire FSMTunis.

A Life of Critical Engagement: An Interview with Issa Shivji

Learn more about Amazon Prime. Low to High Price: Shivji earned his LL.

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Preconditions for a popular debate on democracy more. Most recently, he has been working on the political economy of economic reforms in Tanzania.

Tanzania Down the Road to Neo-Liberalism.