There are many misconceptions about Istikhara, but the sunnah method of istikhara is easy and anyone can do it. Here’s a step by step guide. – Urdu Islamic Website Find more at Page 2. Find more at Page 3.

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Ager ap k naseeb ma shadi hay to ap ko fikar karny ki zururat nai Asalam’u aleykum, I did read that you were open for advice, its not related to the topic directly, but the way brothers and sisters are asking regarding Istikhara. Please note that istikhara is not something that other people can do based on knowing the names of the people involved in a situation – I would advise you to read the information available on this website, to learn metjod about this subject.

Kya istakhara dupher mein hoskta h??? To make Mashwarah consultation istikjara someone else is Sunnat.

Islamic Advice Islamic marriage advice and family advice. You are the great knower of all unseen things. Wa aqdur lial khayra haythu kaana thumma a-rdhiniy bihee. Any “molvi” that tells you who you will marry is not someone that you should trust because no istikhwra knows the future. Istikhara is not a machine in which you insert your names and hey presto, you get an answer.

We do not perform Istikhara for others. Istikhara is not a way of determining the future. I suggest you don’t make what happens in this life a source of your happiness.

Do your best in your sutudies and make dua’ to Allah to help you. Salam Aleykum, there would not be so much problems in a married life if both wife and husband start to tacke care of their responsibiltys rather than wishing and dreaming how the wife or husband should be.


If you wish your son to have a happy marriage, pray that Allah guides them to what is best for them, and try to form a positive relationship with his wife – instead of asking if she is good enough for him, get to know her as a person in her own right, and help her feel part of your family. Masha Allah nice information but hanfi hazrat sote kiyoun he is ka consept mujhay samjh nahi aya zahir hai agar aap ne dewar par bhi koi chipkali dekhte hue to us dar ki waja se raat mein khwab main chipkali agai to agle ki zindagi to barbad ho jay gi Kindly suugest me the appropriate result as i am confused what to do?

Whoever seeks the counsel of the Creator will not regret it and whoever seeks the advice of the believers will feel confident about his decisions.

The rizq you have to get, you will get it even if you run from it.

Sunnah Method and Dua of Istikhara

If each spouse gave deep care and attention to their ‘duties’ rather than their ‘rights’, both would be happier! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. You must do istikhara yourself as the decision and situation is yours. If possible, posts inn be submitted in English, please. Please log in and submit your question as a separate post – in English.

Its really important please reply. The One Who provided you when you were in your mother’s womb can provide you what you have to be provided on the time for it comes.


Please submit your question in English if possible, as posts are published in English and the editing team aren’t professional translators so could not guarantee accurate translation.

Please browse the front page menus to see some of the other postings on Istikhara. Fa innaka taqdiru walaa aqdiru.

Sunnah Method of Istikhara

Faizan, please log in and write your question as a separate post. And if in Your knowledge it is bad istikhars me and for my religion, my livelihood and my affairs or: Jabir bin Abdullah RA said: Istikhara is a prayer for guidance from Allah, not fortune-telling.

Salat-al-Istikhara is used when you are trying to decide between different courses of action. If I have understood you correctly, I would suggest that istihkara read the information provided on this website in order to increase your understanding of istikhara.

Hope everything works out well for You, Anum and both of your families insh’Allah. Please let me know.

What is Salat_al-Istikharah | istikhara in Urdu | istikhara Dua ~ online istikhara center

Please post in English if possible. Please submit your question as a separate post in English, and we will answer in turn, Insha’Allah. For those of you who speak and read Urdu, here is the Istikhara duaa in Urdu, and the English meaning below that. If you cannot memorize the dua, then write it on a small piece of paper and read it from there.