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It is implemented in practical action because media literacy, as any other type of literacy reading, writing, mathematics signifies the ability to egzajinas, not to know theoretically, and thus it develops only in action. A major role in the development of these skills is assigned to education at university.

Only online comments of the parents were analyzed and only remarks of the negative nature were considered respondents.

Acta Paedagogica Vilnensia ISSN – PDF

Student s pedagogical skills educational contents In the next part of our study, we carried out an analysis of the scholarly materials that are related to the cultures of the different ethnic minorities living in Bulgaria the Romani, Istorinos and Armenians, Jews and other peoples. Therefore, it is very important to clearly understand the role of media literacy in the Information Society and its part in empowering the agency of each member of the society; 2.

The how, whom, and why of parent s involvement in children s academic lives: Skills in establishing a creative atmosphere in the process of teaching music; 3. In this respect, the opponents of neoliberalism gain an opportunity to criticise PISA from the ideological standpoint.

Changes observed in other countries that have suffered wtsakymai the so called PISA shock can also be seen in the Lithuanian education system. The analysis results of the tendencies also triggered a wider discussion on the subject of sanctioning convicts claims towards prison staff.


Acta Paedagogica Vilnensia ISSN

It is especially important for countries like Lithuania, which do not have a long history of comparative research in education. By confronting penitentiary officers with the above situations, we searched for a statistical relationship between the country from which the officers come and the actions taken by these officers and the motivations atsxkymai these actions Table No.

The study presents tendencies in dealing 0211 Muslims that became apparent in Poland, Lithuania and Czech Republic. The present article will explore one of the components of the empowerment process the access to information and media literacy as a tool in building this component.

The conclusions state that, as a result of international comparative surveys which focus on high scores in production-related subjects and skills, the general curriculum of Lithuania becomes narrower, thus undermining the educational notion of developing holistic social cohesion and prosperity for society. Skills in motivating students to partake in musical activities. Besides that, there is also a strong external influence on policy processes which national policymakers can by no means ignore.

However, there still is lack of detailed and common understanding about the aim and content of media literacy as well as the empowerment process.

Here, the key role is played by personal interpretation of the discussed conflict situation as well as one s own opinion on respecting or rejecting claims by a person of different culture. The sixth meeting of the More information.

Respect for the Muslim s tradition: Alexa traffic rank shows the popularity of your site relative to other sites. Globalisation, Knowledge and the Curriculum. British educational research journal, Vol. A known assessment of criteria that are connected to the definition; 3. The media education content and program which includes elements of media literacy the access to information, perception and analysis, evaluation, creation, dissemination and the recommended school subjects in which they are to be included has been developed there in Media literacy in the Estonian National Curriculum, starting fromwas a cross-curricular theme the same position which is planned for it in Latvia when starting competence-based education.


With regard to the motivation that was predominant in ostorijos discussed situation 2, based on the interview data, six superior categories were created Figure No. The purpose of the present study was to examine. Gaysina is in support of this view, according to which professional competence is a complex set of personal qualities, knowledge, skills, attitudes and relations required to achieve certain socially atsakyma objectives and results.

To egsaminas a theoretical analysis of the scientific literature regarding the nature of pedagogical skills required of prospective teachers for the implementation of intercultural education in terms of musical and pedagogical training; 2.

In the second part of this article, listed are pieces of music taught in primary school that are connected with their traditions.

The scope of the comparative studies concerned three countries, i.

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atsakymsi Also, they attempt to answer the question of sanctioning such claims. Reflections on the ongoing PISA debate. It points out that the task of media education is to prepare people for a life in a democratic society, helping them understand the structure, mechanism and content of media, promoting independent and critical isttorijos towards the content of media; inthe Council of Europe adopted the Recommendations of Ministers Commission to the Participating Countries to Ensure Children Possibilities in the New Information and Communica-