Iyami Osonronga, gbogbo ohun ti mba nwi. Ogbo lo ni e mda gbo dandan. Iyami Osoronga, e mo ohun mi o. Iyami Osoronga, igba l o ni ki e mda gba. Queen Iyami Osoronga. 53 likes. Orisa Oshun, direct descendant of the power of the seven mothers who generated the human species in the world daughter of. Iyami Osoronga: Divine Femininity: Divine Feminniity [Chief Fagbemileke Fatunmise] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Art and Female Power among the Yoruba. The power of the great mother is expressed in all osorongz Orisha but also iami Aje power can manifest in any woman who has inherited it from her mother.

The emphasis may be placed on the ability to choose, rather than no initiation existing. Many Kings issued prohibitions for women to ensure they would not participate. Retrieved September 12, Manifestations of Aje in Africana Literature. Most are fake and just want money.

The Origin Of Witches Power. Use the Contact Us page on our website to contact us and begin your witchcraft training as soon as possible. Mother of all mothers.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It will iiyami bad karma to you and mess up your life which I doubt you want your life to be messed up.

36 Signs You Are A Witch

Retrieved August 18, Iyami became demonized as more patriarchal regimes came into power under Abrahamic faiths causing them to go into complete secrecy to avoid persecution and possible death. Iyami Aje also continue to occupy essential positions of power in Yoruba sacred societies and political institutions. The actual societies can be traced to secret women’s societies in each town. Iyami osoronag were once openly prominent directing law and order and affiliated with Ogbonia confraternity organization located in Nigeria.


However, this particular belief is ill informed and is in contradiction to both Ifa scripture and Ifa ritual practice. Some initiatory processes are also explained odoronga the Ifa Literary Corpus under the odu Osa Meji where the Iyalode initiates women of the town. Aje Pupa are identified osoronha governing the material world and bring prosperity and wealth. Iyami Osoronga My Mother the Sorceress. Aboru Aboye, thank you for commenting. Some initiatory processes are also osodonga in the Ifa Literary Corpus under the odu Osa Meji where the Iyalode initiates women of the town.

Art and Female Power Among iyam Yoruba. Aboru Aboye, success and failure are deeply connected. In Yoruba cosmologythe mother’s roles as the force of creation and the sustainer of life and existence elevates her to the realm of the divine. These women are both identified as menstruating women with the most powerful ones being menopausal elder women.

Iyalaje – woman iyam essences and Aje Priestess, Iyalode: As such, Iyami are identified as three types. Aboru Aboye, all Babalawos on the internet are not fake and all Babalawos off the internet are not real. Ase is a component of the life force breathed into each human being by Olodumare; it is spiritual power; it is the power to create.

Retrieved August 25, What would you suggest?

The history of Aje begins with existence. Aboru Aboye, thank you for contacting us and for confirming you are a witch.

Iyami Aje – Wikipedia

For one, offerings to Iyami are a component of nearly all offerings made as a result of consultation with Ifa divination. They are the gynecologists, obstetricians, general practitioners, counselors, psychologists, diviners, physicists, mathematicians, architects, scientists, navigators, and agriculturalists of their communities.


Historically the role of resurrecting the dead to determine cause of death when it was in question was assigned to them. God in Yoruba Belief. Witchcraft is a rare gift from Almighty God.

Using the term “witch” is especially dangerous because in many African communities the accused can be ostracized or lynched because of false accusations. Women are said to yield great power because they hold the secret of creation given to them by Olodumare, the divinity as expressed in the Ifa literary corpus.

Iyami osoronga | The Ancient Mother | Fagbemileke Fatunmise | Flickr

To begin your conscious advanced witchcraft training, contact us by using our Contact Us page on our website. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Because of the relationship to Mother Earth, Iyami Aje are also known for their extensive use of natural resources such as herbs and animals for healing and empowerment. This page was last edited on 24 Decemberat The three Iyami have supreme power over Aje on earth and they are the ones who initiated and spread Aje throughout the World.

Iyami became demonized as more patriarchal regimes came into power under Abrahamic faithscausing many to go into secrecy to avoid persecution and possible osoronta.

Esu has ability to enter among both Oso and Eleiye.