Download Citation on ResearchGate | Jahangir and the Jesuits: With an account of the Benedict goes and the mission to Pegu | First published in Jahangir and the Jesuits: with an account of the travels of Benedict Goes and the mission to Pegu / from the Relations of Father Fernão Guerreiro ; translated by. Jahangir and the Jesuits, with an account of the travels of Benedict Goes and the mission to Pegu, from the Relations of Father Fernāo Guerreiro, S. J.

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But this sealed the Prince’s fate; for his troops, seeing that he had set his back to the enemy, Straightway turned and fled in disorder.

When the father of the children heard these things, he refused food for three days, and sent one of his personal attendants to find out the meaning of all that had happened. Sickness also overtook the infant son of a certain Christian, who, finding his remedies unavailing, brought the child, whom he dearly loved, to the church.

I am a Christian! This enabled the Fathers to give assistance to many poor Christians. It was only by God’s mercy that they obtained even such water as this. As to the two Captains, the foremoSl, having been Stripped naked, was en- veloped in the skin jauangir a newly slaughtered ox, and the other, the Chief Steward, was similarly arrayed in the skin of an ass, also newly slain for the purpose.

The Fathers decorated the border which surrounded the pidture with ornamental designs in black and white, copied from some of our books and paintings.

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Mark over the patient; then, taking a cross containing some relics, he placed it on his eyes and forehead, whereon it pleased jahajgir Saviour to deliver him from his fever, and in a short time he was completely restored to health.

He was therefore beaten with increased severity.

The Fathers and the Christians, greatly comforted by this aft of penance, determined to repeat it with increased devotion year by year, in despite of the devil who could ill endure to see such a spectacle in a land which he looked upon as his own, and where he was so Strongly entrenched. The re- maining ship and the pinnace, after rounding the Cape, sailed to the island of Socotra, and thence to Aden where they anchored. This noble had a very great revenue amounting to at leaSt a million rupees, and his daughter was wedded to the eldeSt son of the King, who used to call him his uncle.


A History of County Wexford. Thus sorely pressed, and seeing that their answers and their resistance were unheeded, one of them cried: LaStly I have to express my gratitude to my wife, who has drawn the sketch maps for Parts II and III, and whose advice throughout has been of great value. Candide and Other Works. Its detailed charafter may be judged from the faft that it covers quarto pages, while the period dealt with is only five years Her eastern settlements were more numerous, and were scattered over a wider area, than ever before.

The Fathers had, in faft, been completely taken in by these early out- burSts of religious zeal, the sincerity of which they apparently never doubted.

During one of these periods of prohibition, he and his two sons, disguised as poor men, went by night into the city, where they saw in a certain quarter that meat was being sold.

Catalog Record: Jahangir and the Jesuits, with an account of | Hathi Trust Digital Library

It chanced that about this time he came from the province which he governed 5 to pay his respefts to the new King, and to submit his accounts to the controller of the royal treasury. More- over, he is a man who, having once formed a resolution, does not shrink from carrying it out before the whole world; so that his determination to join our faith would be a splendid consummation, for it would doubt- less lead to the establishment of a great Christian Stronghold in these parts.

For eight days the Prince closely besieged the city; but he was unable to take it. Jesuita the young man said he was a Christian, and jesuitw he would never do such a thing.


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Nevertheless they did wrong to beat him. Item s unavailable for purchase. It came about in this manner.

When the Fathers went to take leave of him, he begged them to commend him to God. Religion was one of the firSl subjects they discussed, the King enquiring specially about the moSt holy Sacrament.

When, on one occasion, this officer was found to have exafted some trifling toll, the King jrsuits orders that his head was to be shaved, and that he was to be dragged, thus dis- graced, through the Greets of the city.

Another case was that of a man who had for many years lived a Christian life, con- fessing and receiving communion with the Christians, but who, the Fathers discovered, had never been baptised.

He was very fond of telling the Moors about the Christians, and especially about the miracles of our Lady of Monseratte. The King was delighted with their work, and had his own portrait inserted in the design, himself choosing the place for it. The fame of the pifture soon spread through the city, and Moors and Gentiles alike flocked to see it, so that it was estimated that in the thirteen days during which it was on view no less than thirteen thousand persons visited the church.

Jaahngir the King was as yet unable to comprehend such matters, lacking the light of the true faith, and being anxious, as it seemed, to explain or qualify thr Christian doctrine, said znd way of defending it, ” The Fathers, in calling Chrift God, use, as it were, a figure of speech, meaning thereby to show their great love for him.