Jandy Pro Series AquaPure is a heavy-duty, electronic saltwater swimming pool purifying system that uses Jandy AquaPure salt-water chlorine sanitizing systems use salt-water to deliver high-performance water . Brochures & Manuals. View and Download Jandy AquaPure installation and operation manual online. Electronic salt water chlorinator and water purification system power center and. Jandy AquaPure Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Jandy AquaPure Installation And Operation Manual.

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Sizing And Generation Process Natural stone liners or ornaments may be more susceptible to blemishes and erosion when using pool water treatments. Turn the chlorinator off or reduce the chlorine production percentage to zero. Is it true that salt water chlorination is maintenance free?

Zodiac MX Flow Regulator: To avoid clogging the filter aquapude damaging the control center and pump, do not add salt through the skimmer, main drain, or surge tank.


Electrolytic Cell Cleaning The salt water chlorinator replaces the hassle of having to use granular chlorine. The mineral purifier cartridge may have ruptured. For very hard water, some chlorinators can shorten the polarity inversion time e. This can usually be prevented jady sealing the stone with a sealer. Check the water balance as usual.


Will salt from the salt water chlorinator deteriorate the metal components in my pool? The purer the salt, the better the life and performance of the electrolytic cell.

In addition, chlorine levels can be stabilized easier with less dramatic fluctuations. The water balance will be less threatened, because only pure chlorine is added to the water.

Pools with greater exposure to sunlight may require greater chlorine production capacity. Jancy are beads at the bottom of my pool, what does it mean?

Jandy AquaPure Installation And Operation Manual

Manual Website Metal Blower: Variable-Speed Pump Savings Calculator. Consult your salt supplier.

My pool is currently treated using bromide. Turn on pump to circulate pool water. Service Code Flow Charts For vinyl and fiberglass pools, salt can be added at start up. Do Not use calcium chloride as a source of salt. Power Interface Board pib Dc Voltage Before starting any installation, operation or service make sure to read the Owner’s manual, and all other warning notices that accompany Zodiac products, carefully and completely. Polarity Inversion is what salt water chlorinators use to periodically remove scale from the electrode plates.


Salt only needs to be added when necessary. The salinity or salt level should always be tested before salt is added to the pool. Determine the amount of salt necessary to add from an appropriate chart.

When To Add Salt? Water Filtration Systems Size: Use aquaapure chloride only. Installation- – Plumbing Optimum Pool Water Conditions Manual Website Polaris Water conditioning salt pellets are compressed forms of evaporated salt and may be used.

Don’t have an account? This action maintains the cell. Movable Orp Jumper J14 Manual CL Cartridge Filter: Manual Website Polaris P Manual Website Nature2 CF: It is ok to startup the chlorinator when there is a little bromide in the pool.

Reading The Display Chemistry You Need To Know Most cases of corrosion can be better explained by an incorrect water chemistry as opposed to the presence of salt.