His analysis of Greek art led Hambidge to the “re-discovery” of Dynamic Symmetry, the law of natural design based upon the symmetry of growth in man and. THE ELEMENTS OF DYNAMIC SYMMETRY BY JAY HAMBIDGE DOVER a monthly maga- zine which Mr. Hambidge published while he was in Europe. He found his answer in dynamic symmetry, one of the most provocative and stimulating theories in art history. Hambidge’s study of Greek art convinced him that.

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This geometrical fact is utilized in the arts, especially the reproduc- tive arts, for the purpose of determining similar shapes on a larger dynami smaller scale. Greek and Egyptian art analyses show an unmistakable con- scious use of plan schemes of another type. For proof, see similarity of figure. It has also been referred smymetry as the ”divine section,” “golden section,” “divine proportion. The area of a root-five rectangle, there- fore, is equal to a 1.

Let us provide separate illustration of this regularity Fig. How to draw a square plus a root-five rectangle: As an example, one can take the sunflower.

Besides Hambidge’s variant we shall rynamic in our comparative research another theoretical result which is well-known in architecture – Modular of French architect of Le Corbusier.

Jay Hambidge – Illustration History

Its properties are curiously interesting. The meridian being thus found, the line at right angles to it was hambdge determined by the construc- tion of a triangle with ropes measuring 3, 4 and 5 lengths respectively. Lines drawn through the eyes of a root-three rectangle divide the area of that shape into similar figures to the whole, to infinity. Immediately an interesting fact is revealed – in dynaamic characteristics of the lattice organically present is the value of the golden section.


A division in a 1. This data is enough to identify the objective of the research. If one rectangle is the same as another to within the width of a pencil line, then — while they are different rectangles — it doesn’t matter which one you use. The numbers of red and blue scales can be considered as hyperbolic coordinates X’ and Y’ of square lattice vertices see Fig. We know also that Roman art, by comparison, is lifeless. All the schemes depict parallelogram OII’O’.

Though, it is worth mentioning that this experience is quite substantial. AJ, JE are squares. The area HB is a root-five rectangle. Much of Part II may be used for reference and for further study. Jib Let AB, Fig. The theorist published his re-discoveries in a number of books on dynamic symmetry throughout his career.

When one does appear it is almost invariably a compound area composed of two smaller rectangles added together. Lesson j 45 The diagonal of a root-two rectangle cuts the side of an applied square and divides the area of that square into two squares and two root-two rectangles, Fig. Not only is the sunflower a leading type of the Com- positae which holds the highest position among Angiosperm families, but amongst this family it flourishes in the best stations, in which sunlight, iay, and water supply are perhaps at an optimum for modern vegetation.

This important fact was supposedly discovered by the early Greeks.

The Elements of Dynamic Symmetry

Cole Lu rated it liked it Jun 30, Dennis rated it it was amazing Dec 30, These two states set the general lattice triangle deformation range. The area represented by. It makes no sense.

Square root of a quantity: If the unit of measurement is the side of cell square, then the coordinates of X’ and Y’ lattice knots will be integers. The rectangle obtained from a square, whose end is the end of hambidg rectangle and whose diagonal is its side, is shown in Fig.


Every term divided into a sixth term equals 1. Let us determine the invariant value for the red scale. The basic principles underlying the greatest art so far produced in the world may be found in the proportions of the human figure and in the growing plant.

The Dynamic Symmetry of the Plant 13 as a commensurable symmerry theme of d3niamic symmetry would be. In a root-two rectangle there are two reciprocals and the end of ddynamic is obtained by dividing 1. Fortunately, as artists, we need not depend upon plant forms for detailed knowledge of the mysteries of dynamic form.

The root-four rectangle is thus seen to be composed of two squares, since its length equals twice its height. EF is a diagonal to this area.

Straight lines are commensurable in square when the squares on them are measured by the same area; and incommensurable in square when the squares on them cannot possibly have any area as a common measure. This issue will be discussed in a separate article. There is another way of representation of the general member u k of recurrent sequence: The function of arithmetic in this connection is twofold; it straightens out entanglements and furnishes positive proof of correctness of results.

The constructions for the definition of similar figures, of course, apply to any rectangle. Steve rated it it was ok Jun 30,