This year marks the 70th anniversary of the publication of Ask the Dust, by John Fante. Today it’s widely regarded as a classic of American. The story of the hard-living L.A. writer as we know it was born in the early s with John Fante. The novelist, best known for his novel. Rob Sternberg on the pleasures of rereading John Fante.

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How Ask the Dust nearly missed greatness

I’d read more of Fante’s ugly understuff any day. This was her home, her johnn, her scattered dream. But, he’s mean to her for no apparent reason, so the relationship sputters. Because it took me so long to be disabused of the notion fantee writing a novel is no different than writing a glorified diary, I think I built up a kind of resentment toward Ask the Dustfor leading me astray.

Camilla is a hot young Mexican woman. At least Bukowski was honest, and funny. John Fante knows how to tell his tale right and he writes both very convincingly and captivatingly. Arturo Bandini, I know you too well!

John Fante’s “Ask the Dust”: A Review

They don’t allow your kind in my hotel. A young and passionate wannabe writer whose cringe-inducing delusions of grandeur often reminded me of Rupert Pupkin, from Scorcese’s The King of Comedy.


I smelled it, touched it with my fingers, walked through it with fanre feet. At page Fante returns to his theme of transient earthly existence: Roba da non credere.

This was her home. Sanchez references below but I know Ms.

Arturo gets advice, encouragement, and an occasional check from H. However, Ask the Dust received mixed reviews, sold very poorly, and quickly fell out of print. Il possesso della donna nella vita — Camilla.

Ask the Dust () – IMDb

Living off the zest of oranges, he unconsciously creates a picture of Los Angeles as a modern dystopia during the Great Depression era. Fante’s early years were spent in relative poverty. Of course he has to autograph his book, a gesture for the wind. User Reviews My favorite movie this year 26 March by whitman — See all my reviews. There came over me a terrifying sense of understanding about the meaning and the pathetic destiny of men.

Ask the Dust 5.

Charles Bukowski Introduction to the John Fante Novel Ask the Dust – Bukowski Quotes

In David Foster Wallace ‘s novel The Broom of the SystemLavache “Stoney” Beadsman has a wooden leg with a hidden drawer in which he keeps marijuana cigarettes dusf other illegal substances. The novel influenced Charles Bukowski significantly.

I had always been reluctant to return to Ask The Dustfearing that it would have lost its hold over me. As a struggling young writer haunting the streets of Los Angeles, al la Arturo Bandini, Bukowski had stumbled upon a copy of Ask the Dust in the public library. Sanchez well enough to trust said controversy exists.


Hackmuth, a God of magazine publishers, gazes benevolently on the castawayed writer. Through other circumstances, I finally met the author this year. First published inthe fant was made into a movie 67 years later in starring Colin Farrell.

And the racism he shows towards Mexicans, including Camilla, stems from those wounds. It was strangely kind of innocent, and I didn’t mean it hurt. They were of the same order, written of and from the gut and the heart. In his blind spot he’s a part time racist. Or, to quote another influential poet of my youth, “parents just don’t understand.

The story of Vera Rivken, a slice out of life. E gli amori mancati. It was comfortable contrivance, a very slick and careful Word-Culture. His relationship with Dusg, a local waitress, becomes a case study in how two messed up people can both lift each other up and drag each other down. Bandini is frequently the punch line of his own jokes.